Friday, March 03, 2006


I hate to waste. Sometimes, we allow leftovers to grow mold, and throwing those away makes both Geoff & I sad because we are wasting food that we should have eaten sooner. I hate seeing people waste anything; it just bothers me.

We live in an apartment/townhouse complex. We love our home! As we were preparing for the wedding and registering for gifts, Geoff & I realized that we didn't have anything for our living room area. No furniture, tables, pictures, or decorations. We decided that when the time came, we would slowly fill it up as we had the money. Geoff's uncle is the Maintenance Director of our complex, and because of him we got a great deal on our place. A couple weeks before we got married, he called Geoff and said, "Hey, quite a few people are moving out this month, and one guy got evicted, so we have all his stuff. Would you like a couch, end tables, coffee table, curtains, phones, pictures, lamps, china and some more odds and ends? We'll just drop it off at your place and you can take what you want." We couldn't believe it! Praise the Lord. If we hadn't taken it, it would have gone to the dumpster. Many times when people move out or don't like something anymore, they just take it to the dumpster. In the last 2 1/2 years, we have picked up a rocker/glider with matching ottoman, 2 desk chairs, a desk, 2 gas grills (one was given to Geoff's parents), and few other things. God has been so good to us in giving us things that we didn't necessarily need, but are nice to have. Now that my house is full, we won't take anything else in from the dumpster.

I found this great new resource that is pretty interesting. It's called Freecycle. You sign up with an email group that is in your part of the world - sometimes down to the town or city. Whenever someone has something they want to get rid of, they list it & you can pick it up for FREE - no strings attached. Or if you need to get rid of something, you can list it so people in your area can pick it up. The only rules of Freecycle are: It must be usable, legal, & appropriate for all ages. So, maybe if I see another nice furniture item by our dumpster, I'll list it so someone else can find a use for it.


Alicia said...


I discovered Freecycle a few years ago and got some free baby things. It's a great resource! My mom uses it now too and was able to give away an old computer of hers. I commend you for your resourcefulness. I am the same way - my mom raised me to recycle and use canvas bags for grocery shopping. I was appalled after entering the Christian world and seeing that so many believers didn't recycle. Keep up the good stewardship.


Karen said...

Hi, Pam! I had to ask Shyla who you were; do you remember me? I can't remember whether we had any classes together. I'm definitely up for checking out freecycle! Thanks! Nice to "see" you!