Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Making Your House a Home

I love watching home improvement shows, always eagerly waiting for the finale'. I also enjoy going to people's houses to see how they decorate them. I always try to pick up ideas here and there, and then steal them and use them.
I think it's funny to think back to college days. Most of the girls' rooms were fixed up like a little home. Pictures, pillows, cute ideas to post chores, etc. On the other hand, the guy's dorm rooms rarely had a picture or poster on the wall, and they didn't care. It's neat to see how God designed us as women to make our homes homey.
What do you do to help make your house your home? Do you have any ideas to share, whether with food or decor?


Alicia said...

Hey Pamela,

The only think I suggest is to incorporate your hubby into decorating. When we got married we had both been single for a bit so we each had our own belongings. Matt had things from his mom's missionary stint in Pakistan, his uncle david's commemorative plate from college in New Zealand, and a host of other miscellaneous things with sentimental value. At first I was annoyed that these things didn't fit into my idea of home decor. Now I use them in our living room so we can celebrate our family ties. :) My main decorating problem is unity in a room. I'd love to hear anyone's advice!

TwoMuths said...

My mom and dad are Christian school teachers, and while we were growing up, just dad was, so mom knew the meaning of decorating on a budget! Somehow, she always made our house look fabuloso!!! (I still have so much to learn) Her best advice by example to me was to be content with whatever is ugly in the room, and go with it instead of trying to hide it or change it, whether it be an olive green toilet or a bright mustard yellow countertop (which we happen to be blessed with) In the kitchen, I found some border in the $2 bin at some store that I didn't LOVE but it worked b/c it had tiny touches of the same yellow in the countertop, and once that border was up right over the backsplash, the countertop didn't seem so hideous! With that toilet, the biggest change was replacing the seat with a wooden one instead of the white plastic that was there when we moved in. Most people don't even notice the green toilet which totally blows me away.

Now that I've written a book...

Shyla said...

wow! where to start! :) when we got married, i registered for a pink and green type bathroom.
our first apartment had an avacado green toilet, sink and shower...hmmm, pink and green got returned and i went with a khaki color on the walls and a bamboo theme for shower curtain etc.. turned out great! looked like we chose to have the green toilet etc! :)
Now, i have Robin's egg blue tile that goes up to my head!! ARGH!! So, i went to 4th st. in Philly and looked for hours for fabric and found one that had a plaid in it the used the blue and it looks like silk and made the shower curtain, valance and the left over fabric to trim out towels etc..
I wanted to do Robin's egg blue and Chocolate brown...but, my hubby put his foot down! LOL He doesn't prefer brown! :)(that's how he would have wanted me to say it! :)
My biggest decorating "joy" is seeing that the color in my house has harmony from room to room. Everything flows and is related to each other - even though it's a different room.

ok, novel over!