Monday, April 03, 2006

Ladies' Conference

"Another weekend bites the dust," Geoff proclaims every Sunday night at 11 pm, right before we go to bed. Working outside the home means your Saturdays mean everything to you, so you can stay on top of your life! This weekend, our church hosted its annual Ladies' Conference, and Beth Lynch was the main speaker. (Christina Hairgrove-I remember your love for Mac's voice :) My big decision was whether to go or not. Although the housecleaning wouldn't get done & errands would have to be done on other nights, I decided to go. (My dear husband was supportive either way.) Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the turnout of ladies my age. Our 20s department is one of the largest groups at our church, yet there were only 3-4 of us out the 15-20 that are in our class. I understand schedule conflicts and all, but it still was a little let-down.
Overall, it was quite encouraging! Mrs. Lynch did an incredible job. One of my fears into going to a Lady-led, Bible-based _______(fill in th blank with study, class, conference, session, etc.) is that it will be theologically diluted. But, Mrs. Lynch held to the doctrine, backed up with Scripture, and kept trying to turn our hearts & minds towards God. Does anyone else notice this? I noticed it greatly at college, and it was a little frustrating to me. I desire to see young women theologically sound with their convictions based on Scripture verses in context! I hope the next generation steps it up a little. (OK enough ranting & raving).
I hope to post my notes from the Conference in the future to share with you. The theme was Secret Treasures, and one thing she pointed out that touched my heart was My Heart’s Account. We hold so tightly onto things that will pass away and things that will not go with us after death. We make sure our bank accounts are just so, our houses look just right, etc., but what are we doing to earn for our Heart’s Account. She had us analyze our lives to see what we were doing that would count for eternity. Anytime we do something solely for God’s glory, which adds to our Heart’s Account. In the end in Heaven when we receive our crowns, that will be based on our Heart’s Account. Very convicting.

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Shannon said...

I agree with your hesitancy in the Ladies' conferences. I'm always skeptical when they're handing kleenex's out at the door. HA! :) I have never been the emotional type until having Esther though. Anyways, I'm glad you were blessed. I didn't enjoy Ladies things at NBBC b/c I was so busy and it was one more thing to do- but I really enjoy the fellowship now and it's even better when the teaching is theologically accurate! I think we can glean so much from the older teaaching the younger and we don't always have to fellowship with those 'just our age'.