Friday, April 21, 2006

Quiet Week & Weekend

Our week has been pretty quiet & non dramatic - obviously, we do not have children yet. :)
As the semester comes to a close (only 4 more weeks!), I cannot wait to have my husband back. Tonight, I will be forcing a date night on him. Last week was his Spring "Break" which means he can get more accomplished for school. Instead of going to classes, he read, wrote papers, researched for future papers, etc. Honestly, I saw him less then, than I do usually during a school week. So tonight, a week later, we will have Spring Break Night. He's only allow to prepare for his Sunday School lesson for Sunday. After that, no seminary stuff! I promised to leave him alone on Saturday so he can hit the books again. He said yes, and is actually lookinig forward to it. It'll be good to take a rest. We'll be going to dinner & then browsing through one of the big book stores in the area - Borders or Barnes & Noble. We'll probably drink some coffee & reminisce about our mini dates the Grind at Northland.

I've been doing quite a bit of spring cleaning. Vacuuming under the bed and our curtains (so dusty!), sucking up the cobwebs in the corners, wiping down our wood furniture with Murphy's oil, etc. On Saturday, I have an urge to declutter! Watch out! I can only do this when I'm in a mood, because I tend to be sentimental about stuff. For instance, I have a little glass bottle I kept from Cracker Barrel from a trip I went on with Geoff when we were dating. Is this thing really doing anything for me? Not really, but I can't seem to get rid of it! Well, hopefully logic will overcome emotion on Saturday. :) I think I'll make a trip to the thrift store with all my stuff on Saturday. At least that will give me a deadline to finish.

Have a great weekend!


Karen said...

Good for you, forcing a date night on Geoff! He's such a dedicated man, isn't he? Have a great time!

Shannon said...

Wow Good for you that you are going to get all that done! You must read Flylady! I must admit I have been in the spring cleaning mood as of late too, it feels wonderful to look at organized closets!

Katie said...

I love decluttering and throwing stuff away, but I can be sentimental too. (I finally forced myself to get rid of my old cheerleading shoes! Can you believe it, Shannon? I still have my sweater though!) We just move WAY too much to be keeping some of the stuff we do! We are going through our boxes in storage, and we are trying to be as brutal and calloused as possible. We can't keep moving this stuff!

Hope you got a lot done today!

Alicia said...

Awwwwww, did you enjoy your date night? Sounds lovely! We love to hit a big book store and get coffee and dessert. THat's quite an activity in itself. i usually have a hard time finding matt in all the alluring bookshelves.

Kelli said...

Hope you had a great date night! We had a date weekend, kind of, down in Milwaukee. I will be posting pictures later today!

Spring cleaning! I love it! But like you, I have to be in the mood! Hope you got a lot done!

Shyla said...

are you sure you're not nesting pam!! :) isn't it so good to get that kind of cleaning done? I really need to do more of that before the babe comes!!
Happy date night! Sounds like fun!
How's your new dining room furniture - have you finished it yet?

pamela s said...

Karen, Geoff is the epitomy of discipline! Wish I could get an inkling of it. :)
Shannon, I did look over fly lady, but, no, I don't wash down my sink every day. She's a little complicated.
Katie, totally know what you mean about old clothes. I still have every year of Springfest t-shirts, but haven't worn them since the day of that Springfest! I think Geoff will get some new work shirts soon.
Kelli, sounds like fun!
Alicia, it was so nice to get out of the house & not head to the grocery store or WalMart! :)
Shyla, NO I'm not nesting. Mother Nature gave me the sign that I'm not pregnant just recently. :) LOL

Shyla said...

pam..congrats! Tell your aunt flo i said hello!! I don't miss her at all! LOL