Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh, Crud

This blog hasn't been too much trouble. It's my first attempt to do anything at all with html. Well, I checked it on Firefox browser & it was all a mess, (any ideas why??) but on IE it was fine. So I tried to republish, then I tried to use another template. Unfortunately, when I did that I didn't read the little pop up that said all my links and stuff would be erased. Oh, crud. Back to ground zero. I'm looking around the net to see if there's any cute templates that I could use, so this might change a couple times before I add all those links again. :) If you have any suggestions for the html-challenged, please advise me!


Alicia said...

Bummer about your links getting erased!

I know a tiny bit about html. My advice is to use resources - don't try to figure it out yourself. There are some good tutorials on the web (I recommend use the internet rather than a book from the library or bookstore).

Also, I have been using firefox since the inception of my blog and your blog has always looked just fine in firefox. Maybe it's your computer?

nate, christina, and connor said...

spamelita--i also use firefox...after many unhappy internet explorer months....and i noticed no problems with you blog. except for just the other day. there was something screwy going on in pam-land. but all is well again.
oh, yeah....html-if you decide to change your look again....copy and paste all of your 'extras' (links, maps, clocks, counters) that way you can just smack them back where they came from. i know what you mean though...it's a way big bummer that these blogs don't keep personal touches when you change templates. but it looks good! :)