Tuesday, August 22, 2006

High Speed Internet

We're looking into getting high speed internet soon. Does anyone have any recommendations? DSL vs. Cable, pricing, the different speeds, etc. We're kinda clueless about it!


Samantha said...

I could be wrong about this but I believe that cable is just a little faster than DSL. I think DSL speed depends on how close you are to the lines/hook-ups(whatever they're called). Either way, I think they both work great.

We actually have cable internet now, and are switching to DSL because they are having a special that is 9.99/month for the first year for new customers. That's much less expensive than what we're paying now for cable(it's outrageous!).

Shannon said...

We have the local cable connection for internet and it's 24.99 a month. We chose the lower speed of all the choices that there are but can't tell a difference (we had the highest speed the 1st month for free). I definetly recommend signing up through a Circuit City or Best Buy etc if you can through your local company b/c a lot of times they'll throw in the router, modem, equipment, etc. for free which definetly helps!

pamela s said...

Thanks you guys! We're trying to learn more about it, but from people who aren't trying to sell it to us, b/c, of course, their product is the best! :)

Carrie said...

We've had both I think they are about the same - maybe DSL a lottle faster and a little cheaper ( but not neccissarily when you throw in the phone bill) Now in FL we can't get it because of limited service.
I just noticed your church had a link to upper bucks christian school - Mr Baun just became the new administrator there - he came from our church in NY. What a great family and blessing they were to us - Say Hi please