Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WFMW: Flour/Sugar Canisters

When we got married, we received nice seal tight canisters that match our blue and white kitchen. Unfortunatley, there was no way that a 5 lb. bag of flour or sugar would ever fit into its designated canister. So, for the past couple years, I have stored my bags of flour & sugar in a mini cooler that seals up, so we wouldn't have to worry too much about pantry pests. I have been looking for plastic containers designated for our flour & sugar, and would come across these containers for $10-$15 each - too expensive for me!
This week, I found our solution. At Aldi, they were selling these flour & sugar pitchers for $3.29 ea.! I just drop in the bag, open it up, pop on the lid, and I have a great container! These have spouts that pour into the cups or a larger opening on the top that opens up for you to be able to scoop or pour faster. These definitely work for me!


Leslie said...

I want one! No two!


Larae said...

And the top doesn't fall off when a 5 lb bag is leaning on it while pouring? I neeeeed to find some of these immediately! Thanks for sharing =)

Leslie said...

I don't have an Aldi's! Waaaah. Are these made by a certain company?

a different Leslie than the one above :)

pamela s said...

Thanks for commenting! I couldn't find anything online close to the price I paid, but if you do an internet search for "In Bag Dispensers", you'll find other resources for about $8-$13 per canister. Hope that helps!

Heather said...

Great find!!! I should check out our Aldi's!!!