Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WFMW: Free Gifts

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is holding a Classis Works For Me Wednesdays where people pull out their best from their files & repost it, but since I've only done this for a couple weeks, I decided to post a new one. But, you should definitely check out those greatest of the great ideas!
When Geoff & I first got married, and him being in school, moving expenses, etc. money was tight. (Well, who’s kidding whom, money is still tight.:) We didn’t have a lot of money for Christmas presents, but the Lord provided. One of my mother-in-law’s friends does home parties, and asked me if I’d be interested. She shared that I would get a gift for having a party, and I was thinking a candle maybe. Well, the excited little bride I was, I was anxious to show off our new apartment to all of his aunts and the couple friends I had in the area. So, I scheduled a Home & Garden Party. I told everyone not to feel pressured into buying anything, but they loved the stuff & bought & bought doing some of their Christmas shopping.
Well, I found out the gift for having my party was to calculate 20% of the sales from all the orders put together, and I could spend that on anything I wanted in the book, and I could choose 5 things at 1/2 price. Boy, was I shocked! I had $100 to spend on gifts for people in our families & believe me, I did! (Side note: I did pick up a couple things for myself too. :) I had to let the 1/2 price items go, because it was so tight, but I still did incredibly well buying for 5 different people! This is still the regular gift to all hostesses who have a party with this company.
So if it works for you, I’d highly recommend having a little get together in you home or just have a book party (the benefits are usually the same), and for investing some time & treats for the party, you can easily come away with having a chunk of your Christmas shopping done for free! First, think of whom you need to buy gifts for and select the home party type. If you don’t love to cook, but many of your gift people do, go with Pampered Chef. Home d├ęcor parties could be with Home Interiors or Home & Garden Party. If you have a long list of ladies, maybe a jewelry party is for you. Giving food is usually safe too. Check out their websites & many times you can have someone in your area contact you.
Like many partygoers say, why shop on your feet when you can shop on your seat!
This worked for me!

I am a Designer with Home & Garden Party now, but just wanted to share with you something that worked well for me before I started working with them! I don't want this considered to be a commercial for my company. Also, there are many other companies to choose from, but I just wanted to give examples. :)


The Wooden Porch said...

I had a friend who had FOUR parties all at once. It was an open house and the different "companies" set up in different rooms. No pressure to buy anything. It was fun!

pamela s said...

What a great idea! That sounds like tons of fun!

Larae said...

That's a great idea! I've been to many of these parties but have never hosted one myself. I've always wanted to, so now I'll have to! Thanks for sharing =)

Jen said...

Great planning with the Christmas shopping! I got to admit I'm already looking for gifts for the fam. I have to keep my eye out for Star Wars Legos for my niece and nephew - never seem to be on sale:(.