Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Story - Part 2

Fast forward to Feb. 2001
I decide to offer myself up as a counselor for a winter retreat weekend at school. When all was over, I came back to my room to hear exclamations from my roommates, “Some boy has been trying to call you all weekend long! He’s called like 10 times!” I totally thought they were kidding, but I saw honesty in their eyes. No big deal, just probably someone from work or whatever.

The next day was school’s required Valentine’s Banquet, and I had no desire to go. I could care less what I would be wearing, what my hair or nails would like. Who gives? Renee and Kristi, my closest friends, asked me that morning who I was going with. “With you guys of course!” So, we settled on that.

Around 3pm that afternoon, G’off comes into the office. “Good,” I think, “He owes me some paperwork.” My co-worker Genelle heads into office cubicle next to us (Very unusual), and G’off apologizes (I’m thinking it’s about the paperwork), and then he proceeds to ask me to the banquet for that night! Hello! My world goes into slow motion – what in the world? I just say yes, as if this happens to me all the time! Something clicks – he was the one who tried calling my room. He heads off back to work, and my friend suddenly appears back at her desk. I relayed the news to her, and called Kristi & Renee to let them know that I wouldn’t be joining them still surprised, but happy.

Geoff & I had a good time at the banquet and the play afterwards, and got to know each other a little better. I tried so hard not to be nervous, but just enjoy the time together. We chatted getting to know each other afterwards, and then went our separate ways.

The next day at dinner, my friend Kristi and I ate and talked. She then revealed to me that she and Renee had asked Geoff to ask me to the banquet. I was so incredibly shocked! She said they did it weeks before on a whim one night after a society activity at the tubing hill. They were all bundled up and approached Geoff as he was helping clean up. My mind was reeling, and I felt numb. Wow, they sure got me! I was disappointed a little because I had desired for to date only 1 person during my lifetime, but I was not angry, afterall they did it because they're my friends & love me. Afterwards, I thanked the Lord for this time together with Geoff, and told Him, I understood if He answered “no” to my prayer request of dating only my husband. I told myself that the chances of dating only 1 person in your lifetime is pretty unusaul, so I changed my request to dating 1 person seriously. I also prayed again that I would find myself complete in Him and not to wish for anything else.


Jen said...

How cool is this? When I heard you two had gotten together, I said "A match made in Heaven!" Thank you for telling us!

Rachel said...

I remember this! I was there! We, your roommates, were so excited for you!