Monday, October 16, 2006

Our Story-Part 3

Ever feel like you're back in 7th grade again. Unfortunatley, I was feeling that way!

A Couple Weeks Later – Back In Junior High

One Saturday, I headed to the library to do some much needed studying. As I headed into the building, Geoff was coming out of the Founder Center’s Commons doorway. I said hi, and he followed me. He asked if I was going to the dinner theatre the following week. I told him I was going on Friday night with my friends. He said he was going on Thursday, and then invited me to go with him. I told him sorry, but it wouldn’t work out. You might be asking why? But, my friends had bought my ticket and I was so torn right then and there. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings by ditching them for a boy, and later they assured me it wouldn’t have hurt their feelings one bit! I also double-checked to make sure they hadn’t asked Geoff again to ask me out, but they didn’t. So, I had turned down the poor guy. Later, I said, if I had to do it all over again, I would have said yes. Oh, well. Renee was relating this to her roommate, who had a great idea. If she could talk Geoff’s friend into talking Geoff into asking me out again, could she get my Friday night ticket? Renee told her it’s worth a try. When I found out about it, I felt like I was in 7th grade again. My life was out of my control - not a fun feeling at all. But, surprise, Geoff called me up the night before to ask me again. This time I said yes. :) From then on, he asked me to every function for school, and some coffee dates here and there. During this time I learned that Geoff originally was scheduled to graduate in 2001, but before he came back for his final year, the Maintenance Dept. had asked him to come on as a 30-hour worker. This would stretch his college career another year, but he said yes. It’s so neat to see God working out the details!
One more part to this never-ending story. :)

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