Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas-FINALLY

Finally. I have Christmas decor up & a beautiful natural looking tree in a tree stand. We'll decorate it tonight. :) I'm a real tree person, but Geoff grew up with fake ones, so I'm the "expert" in how to pick them out. We chose our tree in record time this year. Usually we go to 2 different lots, but this year, I think we had our tree picked out, bundled up, & paid for in less than 7 minutes! We headed to Home Depot after chuch yesterday afternoon - they have the cheapest trees in the area - $25 or so. The choices were really slim; we think that everyone else showed up the day before. We saw one we liked, said we would come back to it, looked at the rest of the 15 trees left, went back to our first choice (of course), and off we went! Now, our entire apartment is filled the scent of fresh pine. Yum!
Pics will come soon. Geoff has been hogging the computer at home. Something to do with 5 or 6 papers due Friday or something like that. :) We'll be speedy decorators tonight so he can get back to writing & research!


Alicia said...

YAY for your tree! I'm a real tree person too but with student funds being the way they are, we'll use our fake one for a few more years. Can't wait to see your pictures! I hear you on the papers - Matt's huge one is due on Wednesday and we're planning a end-of-the-semester celebration for Wednesday night! I can't wait to have my hubby back from those books that stole him away. :)

christina said...

yeah! more real tree lovers! i love having a real tree. but i cheat...the smell never lasts as long as i want it too so i break the needles to sniff them, and when that gets old i pull out the "christmas wreath" scented candle. :)
can't wait to see pics.