Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Over Already??

Honestly, does anyone else wish that Christmas would last for a week instead of a day? I plan for a month (or sometimes more) in advance for all these little details, and then it comes and goes so quickly! We had a nice Christms. It was a little anti-climatic due to the fact that we didn't desire anything exciting, and we didn't really receive anything overwhelmingly exciting like a Lexus, but we were both very content with spending time with family and just hanging out. It was busy, but enjoyable. Here's a recap:


  • Did some last minute shopping for Sunday to prepare for Geoff's Sunday School class.
  • "Helped" Geoff fix his car - and so far so good, so we saved about $250 doing it "ourselves" (mostly himself)
  • Cleaned our house for company-we all know that we clean a little different when we know someone's coming over - for me when it's the in-laws, I work extra hard. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way! :)

Sunday-Christmas Eve:

  • Dressed quickly & head to the grocery store before church for some Coke to make my crockpot roast. Also, picked up another last minute for a church person that I forgot on my "to give" list. Oh, no forgot to pick something up for Geoff's grandmothers. Better grab some poinsettias whle I'm here.
  • Head to church to teach Sunday School.
  • Go home & finish cleaning my house & prepare dessert & dinner for Geoff's family. His sister called to let us know she's coming & mentions that her boyfriend will be with us on Christmas Day-another gift!!! We've seent him once or twice for brief amounts of time, so we went with the "movie night" gift. Blockbuster gift card, popcorn, & candy. Geoff hates shopping, so he opted to vacuum while I went out "one last time."
  • Dinner with family - Coke roast, homemade mac & cheese, biscuits, green beans, and peppermint ice cream pie.
  • Made our traditional sticky buns

Monday - Christmas Day

  • Got to sleep in until 7:30!
  • Read the Christmas story, found our stockings, opened each other's gifts & the gifts from Colorado. Got ready for the day & headed out around 10 am.
  • Had brunch at Geoff's parents & opened gifts.
  • Called my family
  • Headed to Geoff's aunt & uncle's house for Christmas dinner
  • Watched the Eagles' game vs. the Cowboys
  • Got home around 10 pm & played a rousing game of Operation (one of my gifts)

Tuesday - Day after Christmas

  • Worked - yuck
  • Went to Geoff's other side of the family's grandmom's house
  • Ate dinner & visited

Pretty uneventful, but plenty busy. Now, we just need to survive a busy week, so we can make it to the weekend. Praise the Lord for a 4 day work week!


aliciahorn said...

I'm with you Pam! I wish we had more time to enjoy family and Christmas too. You only got one day off for Christmas?!? That stinks!!!!

Liz said...

Happy New Year! Christmas was much of a whirlwind for us, but we travelled. So it was a little different. Hope you had a good weekend!