Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dreaming About this Party

Geoff's Graduation Bash is slowly but surely coming together. The other night I dreamt about it 3 different times! But, in each time, everyone was having fun. I can only hope & pray that comes true!!
We found another park with a reasonable rate, and only 5 minutes from my house. I guess God knows we could afford it, and just wanted to let the free one go to someone who might not be able to. The fact that it so close comforts me because I know I will forget something.
The menu has evolved so much, but here is what I am comfortable with knowing my time limits, the fact that my parents will be visiting, and knowing the amount of stress I can handle during 1 long weekend. :)
Pizza - there's a grocery store with a pizzeria in it that charges only $5 for pizzas on the weekends!
Baked Ziti - can be prepared beforehand & frozen.
Meatballs - will throw them in the crockpot before we leave for the graduation ceremony & should be done by the time the party is about to begin
Tossed Salad - cheaper than a veggie tray! Gotta love the easiness bagged salad too!!
Cake - this was a stickler, because both Geoff & I are not into cake. But, a lady in our church is giving a an awesome deal, and is well-known for her cakes, so hopefully it will disappear!
I've only changed my mind about this menu & party about 30 million times, but I think this will stick. Well, I think.


Alicia said...

Sounds delish! I'd suggest some breadsticks too if it's not too much work of course. What kind of cake is your friend making?

pamela s said...

I was thinking about bread too. Does anyone know if Aldi's bread sticks taste ok?
The cake will be a pound cake with cream cheese frosting. I've only heard good things about it.

pamela s said...

Oh, & I had to change from a Mexican menu to an Italian one because we realized that most people in this area do NOT eat Mexican food. Torillas are described as tor-tilla (like tilling a garden). There's an Italian restaraunt on every corner, but the only Mexican is the Taco Bell. I thought this would be safer.

Carrie said...

At least you have good dreams - I am always dreaming about what is going on in my life I have awaken Mike many times screaming at our former dog or jumping to catch a child from falling off a ficticious bed. HOpe everything goes well.

Kelly Glupker said...

I don't know about Aldi's breadsticks, but we LOVE their garlic bread.
Gordons sells cheesy breadsticks that are called Bostics (or something like that). I have never tried one but I have heard a lot of good things about them - my husband loves them. You can get a case of 36 for $16.

nate, christina, and connor said...

everything sounds great! good variety too...something for everyone. you can never go wrong with pizza! :)