Monday, May 07, 2007

PHEW! It's Over!

Geoff succesfully turned in everything on Friday!! YAY!!!

This weekend we had some much needed couple time. We went bowling with our SS class on Saturday night. I beat Geoff the first game & he creamed me the second. The couple we were playing with were really good, so we didn't even bother comparing our scores to theirs. The guy bowls in a league, and let's just say we were in awe of him. :)

On Sunday afternoon we had a Subway picnic at a nearby park. It was a bit chilly, but enjoyable. Before heading out, he really wanted a nerf football to throw around. We found one at the drug store next to Subway, but it wasn't marked. The cashier decided $1.99 was a good price & so did we! I had a coupon for Subway, so we walked out of there with 2 12" subs for under $7. What a nice date for under $10!

It's been a tradition that when the spring semester comes to an end, we get Geoff a new video game to celebrate. I finally got smart, and reminded him of it AFTER we had some time together. :) So, for the next week, Geoff will be glued to the TV doing mindless activity, but it's much deserved.

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KColas said...

You go, girl. Way to be on top of things! I'm so glad you guys had a great weekend! Have fun at the big bash coming up.