Thursday, June 14, 2007

17 Week Preggo Update

I've had cramping ever since the beginning, due to my uterus & ligaments stretching. During week 16, I had another type of feeling though. I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not. I thought it might be gas. Thank goodness, it wasn't! The feelings got a little stronger by the end of the week, and I realized, I'm feeling the baby move around!

It's a great feeling!

Yesterday, I did a little test. I had some soda with caffeine in it to see if it would make a difference. Boy! Did it ever! The little bean was bopping all around. It was pretty funny. Guess it wore him out, because he/she settled down after that.


Abby Turner said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world?! Wait until the kicks and punches get stronger and then when you can see them - that's amazing!!! I've been saying that Elijah is going to be a ninja kickboxer with all of his moves! They've slowed down some since there's hardly any room for him now!! The fun part is just around the corner :-)

Shannon Smith said...

I love feeling my baby move! It's one of the best feelings. It also helped me relax about things and not be constantly wondering if everything was "ok".
Josh was very excited when he could start feeling baby movements too!

Kelly Glupker said...

Boy, you're feeling your little one early for it being your first. I didn't feel anything until week 19. Now I feel the baby constantly! It's so fun to sit and watch my belly shake and jump as the baby bounces around. Sometimes we'll feel a big hard something on my belly - the butt or the head. It's great!

Alicia said...

Yay for baby movement! I know, it's hard to know exactly what the baby movement feels like - everyone told me it was like butterflies fluttering around in my tummy but it didn't seem like that. Oh boy, you're in for some fun now! How exciting! Seems like each little milestone shows you how much of a little person you have growing inside you.