Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy Days

Ever feel like you can't catch up? I know I'm very tired at the end of every day due to the pregnancy, but I just feel further and further behind. The last two Saturdays we have been helping Geoff's parents move 3 hours away. So, it's been up at 6 am & home in bed between 11 pm - 12 am. Exhausting to say the least. We counted back the weekends for the last 7-8 weeks, and there's been something going on each weekend. Maybe more further back, but that's as far back as we could remember.
So, for Memorial Day, we told everyone, "no." We were un-social & loved every minute of it. Sleeping in, taking naps, eating out, bumming around, and doing a little cleaning up. That's the life for me. :)
This week is dedicated to cleaning my house. Well, after grocery shopping since it'sbeen 3 weeks, and after I get the 4 loads of laundry sitting in my basket taken care of (who needs dressers, right?), and after cleaning off my kitchen table of all the newspaper ads & paperwork piling up. I hope I see a difference by Friday. If I did before/after pics, I would be too embarrassed to post them. I'm motivating myself by saying if I do all the work this week at night, the weekend will get to be relaxing.


TwoMuths said...

you're not alone!!! I should send you pics of my messy house, then perhaps you'd feel a little better! May is always crazy for us, and June is WORSE this year!!! Good luck with the cleaning!!! (don't forget to sneak in a nap or 2 for that baby!)

Anonymous said...

Hey you should put up pictures of you and Geoff. Do you have a facebook? I can't remember if you do. If you do you could see mine. :D Have you popped a little? I want pictures of you!!!!!! Good luck cleaning. I still have to finish my room. Just so we can get the leopard up. Well talk to you later.
Love ya,

Alicia said...

Wow, just reading about all that activity is making me tired! Be sure to get whatever rest you can nab this weekend. Are you still working full time too?

Katie said...

I'm way late on my congratulations, but . . . Congratulations! That's so exciting! Do you feel any energy return since you entered your 2nd trimester?

pamela s said...

Don't worry girls, I'm the nap queen. :)
Jenny, I know it won't get much better, but I wouldn't mind starting off with a clean floor. :)

Katie (My sis), I'll e-mail you.

Alicia, Yup still working 9-5.

Katie, Thanks!