Monday, September 17, 2007

Preggo Update - Week 31

I know this blog is suddenly all about the upcoming baby & I apologize to those who don't want to know, but it's my blog & I can talk about what I want to, right? :) I guess I'm feeling slightly hormonal. :)
  • Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during Week 30. Was told my endocronologist didn't have openings until after the due date, but the next business day, I was squeezed in due to a cancellation. We went over my numbers, which weren't really too bad. I was given a lower in carbs diet, told to avoid sugar, and to prick my finger 4 times a day. After the 1st week, I realized it wasn't so bad & I'll live. :)
  • We finally got a dresser for the baby!! I've been looking for over a month for one, but was having a hard time just finding a dresser. Most nursery furniture is sold as a set, and no one wanted to divide it up. After 3 weeks of going to a local thrift store, I found a cute vintage armoire/dresser made for a baby in perfect condition. A coat of paint, and some new drawer pulls & we're in business!
  • Sleeping is getting to be a bit more difficult. Between weird dreams, back aches, & leg numbness it's been hard to wake up feeling refreshed. I'm guessing this is practice for later. . .
  • People who we haven't told specifically that we're expecting are asking when I'm due. Finally, I feel as if I look preggo. There's a fine line between looking preggo & looking porky. :)
  • I am NOT ready to have this baby yet. But, being diagnosed with GD does give me a greater chance to have this baby early!! That freaks me out a bit, but I know it's in God's hands & He gives us what we can handle.
  • Geoff has had limited time working on the crib. There are 52 slats & each one requires 3 cuts, so this is a BIG job. Then we have sanding, staining, polyurethaning, & assembling. Praise the Lord for our pack n play!!
  • Our Labor & Delivery classes have started. I feel ridiculous practicing the breathing exercises, but it is helpful having 10 other couples doing it at the same time. The anatomy of a pregnant body is fascinating!!


Shannon Smith said...

I'm glad to hear that you're doing ok with the Gestational Diabetes. I'll be praying that it doesn't cause you any more problems.

Congrats on finding a dresser! That is so cool that Geoff is making the crib. That will be something special to cherish.

I know what you mean about the classes and feeling ridiculous. Josh and I felt the same way during ours. Especially during the part when they had us practice "pushing." It was a bit strange!

Alicia said...

Whew! What a blessing to hear that your GD isn't unmanageable. Hope you can still sneak in some treats now and then.

Have you tried pillows between your legs to sleep? That always helped me with the leg numbness thing. Thankfully I don't have that yet. Just a bit of hip pain.

Oh my, we never took any classes and I've always wondered what they were like. Sounds interesting!

Your GD would cause you deliver early? You mean they would induce you maybe?

pamela s said...

Shannon, Glad I'm not the only one who feels silly. The 1st half of the class always covers what can/going to happen which is really helpful, and then the last half is relaxation practice.

Alicia, I'm sleeping with a body pillow a lot now which really does help!! With GD, my body isn't processing carbs/sugars as it should, so it forces the baby's pancreas to work harder than it should. Due to this, the baby can gain weight more quickly because more fat is being made. So, if the baby gets to be too big, an earlly induction or even a C-Section is possible. Thankfully, so far my weight gain hasn't been over the top, but it's still a possibility.

Kelly Glupker said...

Our labor class was not like that at all. We didn't practice anything! We just watched a video and the lady explained what the body would be doing during labor. I hope your class is more helpful. The book I read did talk about breathing and relaxation techniques, but we didn't practice anything. My opinion is that you just breath NORMALLY, deep full breaths. Not this hehe who-who stuff. But that's just me.

pamela s said...

Hope you didn't pay a lot of money for that class. Ours is $80 for 5 wks of 2 hours classes each Thurs. night. We're practicing that kind of breathing also - not the hehe who who stuff, but in different labor positions: on a birthing ball, on hands & knees, holding our husbands (slow dance kind of thing), etc. That's when I feel weird, but the back massages during the practices from Geoff ARE really nice. :)

Kelly Glupker said...

No, we didn't pay a dime. The class we were going to attend sounds just like the one you're in - but I was too cheap to take it. My husband said, "We paid for a book - can't we just read that?" Ha ha! Easy for him to say! But it really did turn out fine. The class probably would have helped me be less nervous ahead of time though.