Thursday, October 18, 2007

Packing THE Bag

We're packing our bags this weekend!! Any suggestions?

What did you pack in your hospital bag that you are so thankful you brought?? What did you realize was missing & could have been used?


Reads said...

Wow, I'm sure many will have good ideas, but here are a few that I thought of right away:
1.Your own comfy clothes. (Hospital gown not my thing, when people came to see me, I mean when they came to see Audrey)
2.Newborn outfit, onesies, blanket, etc., Audrey's outfit was too big we ended up buying premiee clothes for the first couple weeks (she weighed 6lbs. 15 ounces)
3. Time killer- Sudoku for us
4. Camera
5. Loose clothes to go home in, I retained a lot of water after having Audrey.

Karen said...

I echo Trisha's #2. Although Livvie was a healthy 7 lbs, 8 oz, she couldn't even wear newborn-size clothes. She ended up wearing that plain little white t-shirt and a diaper. Not great for photos.

I wished that I had brought thick socks, or better yet--slippers! Would've been so nice when I was pacing the floor during labor, and for greeting people after Olivia was born.

Being the snackers we are, we brought some yummy trail mix, too. That came in handy all 3 days we were there!

Of course, if you find you desperately need (or just want!) something, remember you've got dozens of people eager to wait on you hand and foot! Okay, they're eager to see your baby. But I definitely recommend taking people up on their offers to bring things to the hospital for you. :)

How exciting! I can't wait to see pics of the little one!

Alicia said...

I agree with Tricia's #3: Time killer. We were induced with Chloe so we played a game of scrabble to pass the time until the contractions got unbearable. It helped distract me!

Actually, with Chloe the newborn clothing that I brought for her was too small. We weren't expecting her to be 10 lbs. and she ended up skipping most of the newborn size phase and going straight to 3-6 mos. Maybe bring a few outfits of each?

Also, a special home-going outfit for your new baby would be fun for pictures. In our family we have an outfit that's been passed on through the generations that babies always wear to come home in.

I was unpleasantly surprised that i couldn't go home in regular clothes. :( I was in smaller maternity clothes for at least 2 weeks after having Chloe (but that's probably due in part to the fact that we had a c-section and your tummy goes down slower). So, be prepared and bring a few maternity (and also nursing friendly - I suggest button downs) tops.

Carrie said...

We played uno until the transitional labor started. Washcloth. I actually just used the hospital gowns b/c I changed at least twice a day due to bleeding and leaking (take plenty of underclothes). That went for the flip flops you take - easy clean up (I did have complications so that may not be the norm) Mike brought clothes for the baby after we saw how big he was. Don't forget the camera, I also took the baby book and journaled and filled it in to pass the 3 days in the hospital - ecspecially the first one I didn't know to ask for my baby plus I couldn't sleep b/c I was so excited. Phone card and numbers of people you want to talk to.

TwoMuths said...

I took a microwavable (sp?) rice bag/heat pack and was oh so glad I did especially after the birth for my sore neck & shoulders. You use muscles you never knew about! :-) I heartily agree about warm socks, we took a bag of hard candies which were great when they wouldn't let me eat. I'd also take a zip or button sweatshirt or sweater to throw on in case of visitors. I also got a pair of pj's to wear in the hospital and I was glad I did. I bought a bigger size and that came in handy. I also took my favorite music CD's which helped me relax during transition labor.

What fun to be this close to delivery! Can't wait to hear the joyous news!

pamela s said...

Thanks for all your ideas!! I feel better because many of them matched up with what I had already mentally planned. :)

Shyla said...

i would say socks for sure and your early maternity clothes to go home in. i always liked to have pretty/comfy jammies for when people came to visit, but this time with owen i had comfy lounging clothes instead.

i would also say CHAPSTICK!!! i was big on the breathing since i had planned to have owen without meds. all that "hee hee whooooo" makes your lips dry after awhile!!

hope you have a great experience and don't be discouraged when the baby takes a while to come! :) the first ones are stubborn to come out! i would wait at home as long as you can...and then wait several hours longer! :) I will pray that it's a great experience for you!

Abby Sokul Turner said...

I am SUCH the planner and actually had a checklist for Elijah's bag, and checklist for my bag. Here's some essentials for your bag that came in handy for me:

1. Chapstick (definitely agree with Shyla on that one!!)

2. I brought my own toiletries. When I finally was able to take a shower, it was nice to have my own shampoo and soap. They provide you with that usually, but I brought travel size of my own.

3. I also brought those pre-moistened face washing cloth things - great for when I got sweaty or hot and couldn't get up to wash my face.

4. If you plan on nursing, bring nursing pajamas - they come in SO handy. Bathrobe too.

5. Vince stayed with me in the hospital, so we made sure to pack changes of clothes for him. We ended up staying longer than anticipated, so he had to go home to refresh, but it was helpful to have that with us during the first days.

6. We brought change for the vending machines for Vince, but with the multiple food places in the hospital and the new mom's snack area, we didn't need that. But, do bring some cash for the food places if you want Geoff to eat :-)

7. Phone list with everyone's phone numbers - it came in SO handy when Vince had to call someone and I was breathing through the contractions!!

8. Your own undergarments. The ones they give you in the hospital are less than desirable, and you find your own more comfortable - don't bring your best though - they will most likely get ruined.

9. MOST IMPORTANT - Bring one of your own pillows! Believe me, you will be SO glad that you did! The hospital pillows are not comfortable at all, so it will be nice to have your own pillow! Put a non-white pillow case on it that you don't mind if it gets dirty/stained.

I'm sure there are more things but I agree with a lot of people and their suggestions. I was in labor for about 12 hours before they decided to do a c-section, so it technically wasn't a LONG labor compared to many.

I can't wait to hear the news of your little one. Time has gone so fast!!! YAY!!

Kelly Glupker said...

I am a pretty organized person, but I honestly don't think you need much. I didn't even wear my own underwear - I used the disposable ones they give you until the last day. That may sound gross but I would rather bleed all over disposable underwear than my own! I was advised to bring socks because hospital rooms are typically cold. I was never cold because of my blood pressure so I didn't need those either. I did like having my flip flops and a sleep bra if you plan on breastfeeding. Having your own toiletries is nice too. I didn't "do" my hair or make-up so that cut down on what I needed. The only essentials in my opinion are a camera and a sleep bra! The hospital gives you everything else.

pamela s said...

Thanks again, girls! We have a shopping trip tonight to pick up a couple things, and I think we'll be good to go.

Ben and Carissa said...

Pillow, pillow, pillow! The hospital pillows are little pancakes. I took some comfy clothes for the hospital stay. It made me feel a little better to put on clean, comfy clothes after my shower rather than a gown that was identical to the one I just took off. Plus, those gowns are a little "drafty" if you know what I mean. It's a quick cover up anytime someone comes in. How exciting. You have such an experience in front of you! Are you going with the needle or natural?? Good luck either way!

Anonymous said...

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