Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Preggo Update - Weeks 38-39

This past week has been full of speculation & wondering with Geoff & me. We went to our weekly appointment last Tuesday hoping to find out if this baby was thinking about coming out anytime soon. The doctor told me the great news that I was 85% effaced & going in the right direction. :) Then she proceeded to tell me that with her feeling my stomach, it felt as if the baby was 8 1/2 - 9 lbs. already. WHOA!! So, we had an ultrasound to confirm this. With Gestational Diabetes it is very common to have a large baby, but the doctor wanted to make sure that we weren't allowing the baby grow too big!
The ultrasound said the baby was about 7 lbs. 9 oz. (+/- 1 lb.) BIG Difference! That allowed me to calm down a little bit. :) As you can see our little one does have chubby cheeks!

This week, the doctor said based on the ultrasound results that I have some extra amniotic fluid. That and my short stature make it seem as if the baby is larger than he or she really is. So, we're down to 6 days and the new guesstimate is about 8 lbs or so.

Here's my belly pic for 39 weeks!


Karen said...

omygoodness, omygoodness! How exciting! And the crib--at least the one side--looks beautiful! WOW, is your hubby talented. That will be such a precious heirloom. Best wishes to you! Every time you post, I think, "Ooh! Has the baby come yet??"

Katie said...

You're so close! How exciting! I won't have the computer for several days and look forward to seeing how you're doing when I get it back. I'm glad your baby isn't as big as the dr. first predicted. I don't put much stock in their guestimates myself. The day before I had Luke, the doc. said he was about 7.5 pounds, but he turned out to be 9.5. Yikes! It's nice you could have an ultrasound to get the true picture. I'll be praying for you 3!

Heather said...

So glad to see a new update. I have been wondering how you have been feeling. You look great!! So does all the furniture!! You sound so excited and I say I blame you.

Can't wait to see the new little one!!!

Carrie said...

I too have been waiting for an update and wondering if you had the baby already! You didn't peak this time to see what you were having did you? I think the crib is looking beautiful but still has a ways to go for how fast that baby may be coming - looking forward to hearing!

Alicia said...

THANKS for the update! Like everyone else I've been wondering about you. That's a bit strange that the doc made such a crazy estimate on weight. I've heard that there's no way to tell the weight except by ultrasound. Glad the hear the baby isn't as giant as she thought! Hang in there and get what rest you can during these last days!

KColas said...

Pam, you're all done with your job!!! I am so happy for you. Now you can change your profile thingy - no more plastics business for you. You'll have a much better job any day now. :)