Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, we're slowly getting into the swing of things with having a newborn in the house. Maleia is a pretty laid back baby, until she wants to eat. :)

We've felt extremely blessed the last 3 weeks with her in our lives though. Because we didn't know if our little one was going to be a boy or a girl, we bought as many neutral sleepers we could find at different mother's markets before she was born. I didn't mind this because we knew we will be able to use these as a base for our future little ones when that day comes (not anytime soon!). We had about 10 or so outfits which I thought was pretty good. Our first Sunday back to church, a friend of ours said they had some clothes from their little girls. Their youngest was born around this time, so all the seasons & sizes would match up perfectly! We got 3 HUGE gift bags filled with clothes all divided up into 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, & 6-9 mos. Just the 0-3 mos. section completely stuffs Maleia's dresser!! I was so thankful because 2 days later we went through 3 outfits in less than 4 hours thanks to one end or the other. ;) God knew what we needed beforehand.

On the Sunday before Maleia was born, the heater in my car decided to stop working, but then started working half-heartedly. Not good, when the first snowfall came right after she was born! Geoff's been reading up on it, and decided that the problem would have to be fixed by a mechanic. Expecting to pay close to $1000 to have the heater core replaced, we found out that the mechanic could flush out the system and it only cost us a little over $125!! Praise the Lord!


Alicia said...

Awesome the ways that God is providing for you guys! God is so faithful and good to us in little ways.

Hope you're getting your rest and enjoying your adorable newborn!

Jen said...

It is amazing to see how God provides!

climberfell said...

I love you!