Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to Get Caught Up

Well, quite a bit has happened over the last month, and it's time to get caught up!

On December 14th, we got up at around 2:30 am for a Maleia feeding, got dressed, and headed out the door at 4 am to the airport to catch our 7:00 am flight. A church in Wisconsin was interested in interviewing Geoff for an assistant pastor position, so we were off! Traveling with a 4 week old seemed a little daunting with all her extra stuff, but as soon as we were on the plane, she was out like a light. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed (aren't they all?), and we missed our connecting flight into the small Wausau airport. That meant 12 hours in the Detroit airport. After calling the pastor, he offered to pay for a rental car if we had friends in the area that we wanted to visit. Christina-I was tempted! Instead we hung out, took cat naps, and used our $20 vouchers for the inconvenience. Of course, our trip was re-routed, so we were headed to Minneapolis and then to Wausau. The second flight was delayed, and we needed one of those little carts to get us to our gate. The car could take us to an escalator, so we were running down the hallway listening to the intercom say, "Smith, party of 2, you have 1 minute before we close the doors." We were NOT going to miss this flight & be stuck in Minneapolis for 12 hours! So, we hollered for them to hold for us-thankfully they did. We then hopped on a little tin can of a plane and made it into Wausau-surprisingly with our luggage! The pastor picked us up for the 1 hour ride to the hotel. So, 3 flights, 3 states, & 24 hours later we were in bed.

On Saturday, understandably we slept until noon. After feeling somewhat human again, we met with the pastor, some young couples of the church and had fun with them at a Chuck E Cheese-type place for adults. Go-karts, laser tag, etc. After getting back to our hotel room, we rested, and my parents called.


nate, christina, and connor said...

oh, pam... if i would have known you were there i would have come right over and picked you up. the airport is only 10 minutes from my house. if that ever happens to you again you better track me down. and that goes for the rest of you northland peeps! :)

Shannon Smith said...

Josh and I live in Wausau!! If you guys are here again we'd LOVE to get togther with you. Please let me know!!

Alicia said...

WHAT an ordeal! How'd Maleia do for all of that? And how'd the interview go?