Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maleia is 3 months!

Showing off her new toy-the boppy pillow!

Loving the Boppy!

Tired of the Boppy!

We loved her cute folded hands.
"Please feed me!"

Maleia with her sweetheart (I share!)

Little girl in a big bed

"These things taste really good, but when I get them in too far, yucky things happen!"
After eating, she put her fingers in her mouth & accidentally did a bulimic move-not pretty!

What a happy baby!

Time's flying by, and the relatives are begging for more pics!


Carrie said...

She is soooo cute!

Alicia said...

She looks like such a smiley happy girl! Isn't it crazy how quickly these babies change and grow older?

Heather said...

I love seeing baby pictures and how much they change from day to day! I must admit that your little Maleia is an absolute doll!! She has the perfect face and cutest little smile!!

Shannon Smith said...

What a cutie! I enjoyed looking at your pictures!

ruth said...

Hey, Pam, it was great seeing you last week. I enjoyed holding Maleia too! She's a beautiful in person as she is in her pictures!