Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where are the Boxes?

Today, Geoff called the pastor in Wisconsin to let him know that we would love to accept their offer of Geoff being the Assistant/Youth Pastor at Missionary Baptist Church in Greenwood, WI.
We hope to be in the moving van April 1st or so. We'll know more information once we have housing secured in Greenwood. It's funny to think of me living in a town of 1,000 people where everyone knows everyone's business. I've lived in a suburb all my life except for college. Now, I will have to plan carefully trips into towns since I won't have the convenience of forgetting important things. Greenwood does have a small IGA, so those forgetful moments will probably cost me. :) The nearest good sized town is 40 minutes away, and 2 larger cities, Wausau and Eau Claire are an hour on each side of Greenwood, so when I need to get to a mall to feel like I'm back in society, it is possible!

We are both looking forward to working with the church. Geoff is the first assistant the church
has ever had, so it'll be a learning experience on both sides. The youth group is made of about 40-50 great kids. We have ideas spinning through our heads for activities and such, but know that we need to take small steps as we learn full-time ministry.

So, since May of 2007 we have had the following changes in our lives: Geoff graduated from seminary, we announced our pregnancy, started searching for a ministry, gave birth to our little Maleia, grieved the loss of my brother, and beginning a new ministry in a new state. Needless to say, our lives have not been boring. It's been so neat to see God leading us through each circumstance with his grace and mercy to help us through.

So, does anyone know where good free moving boxes are?


Katie Lewis said...

Try grocery stores they'll have some. Thats where Laurie got all of hers when we moved her to her townhouse.

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Wow, this definitely has been an amazing year for you! That's so exciting for the ministry aspect! So many changes in the next couple of months, but you'll do great! Congrats!!!

Shannon Smith said...

When you guys get here and get settled, Josh and I would love to get together with you. We live in Wausau. Send me an email: shannongsmith at

Reads said...

How exciting to have a new ministry awaiting you! I understand the box hunt!! I would let people know in your church you are looking, someone might have a source. For us a lady who is a dietary manager at a nursing home has given us a bunch. You just have to find out when they get there shipments!

Alicia said...

I agree - grocery stores and drug stores usually have loads of free boxes they're willing to part with on stocking days.

CONGRATS on the new ministry and moving! How exciting and wonderful and busy as you prepare and pack. Do you have help?

How's Maleia doing with her sleeping after all your traveling?

pamela s said...

Thanks, ladies. We'll start heading out to the grocery stores in the mornings then.

People have offered to help us which we're thankful for. We have a TON to move, but I want to do a purge before putting everything into boxes.

Alicia, Maleia is still sleeping through the night. We were able to stay pretty much on schedule throughout the trip, so she didn't do too badly!

Karen said...

Check and

I see boxes on those sites all the time. Good luck!

pamela s said...

Thanks, Karen!

Kelly Glupker said...

Whenever we've moved (and we have lived in 5 places in 4 years) we go to Walmart, Meijers, Target, and stores like that. The key is to go later in the evening when the stock boys come out. The boxes are often disposed of by morning. It's so easy at night because you just walk up and down the aisle as they load the shelves and they are pleased to give you the boxes because it's less work for them.