Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrounging for Internet

Well, we made it safe & sound to Greenwood, WI! The move went smoothly even though there's some new scuffs & tears here & there on our things, we are happy to be here! Maleia did great on the 2 9-hour drives each day. The last hour of the day was the noisiest with the crying, but we made it!
The church here has made us feel right at home & we feel a great bond with the people. The boxes are unpacked & we're busy with different ministries. The youth group will be taking a large part of our time during the weeks. We went on our 1st activity: Springfest 2008 at NBBC. It was freezing!! Snow, wind, and 35 degree weather kept Maleia & me indoors most of the time, but the teens seemed to still enjoy themselves. We took about 25 kids up. No complaints about the weather or leaving the church at 4:30 am on a Saturday. We have been blessed with great kids! :)
Due to living in the sticks, DSL is not available to us, so unfortunately, my interent time is scrounged here & there when we're at church. Hopefully, we'll get something worked out pretty soon. Until then, I've stacked up on some pics, so the grandparents can have their fix. :)


TwoMuths said...

YAY! A great move! A great youth group! This is such a wonderful update, and the pictures of Maleia are soooo cute! She looks like a lot of fun.

Kelli said...

I am so glad your move went well! It is awesome to hear how the Lord leads His children. How awesome to have a wonderful youth group and ministry to be a part of. Maleia is adorable as always!

Shannon Smith said...

I enjoyed reading your update and seeing the new pictures. Praise the Lord that your move went well. Hope you continue to get settled into your new surroundings.
It was good to see all of you at Springfest on Saturday! Hopefully we can get together again soon.