Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 Month Pics

We headed into a nearby town to get pictures down at Sears. Maleia slept on the way, it wasn't feeding time yet, and still we have a meltdown 10 minutes into the session. Figures. :) Well, our package is for 1 shot, so we got it. The rest aren't terrible, just not the greatest. Geoff wants us to invest in some material and do our own, so if she isn't in a good mood that day, we can try again another day. Do you do portrait shots of your little ones?

Our serious child

Half smile

Cute Smile, off center

Smiling, but leaning forward

Since she keeps looking this way, maybe we should turn the camera over here

Nice smile, but still to the side

The Winner: Smiling & Centered - how hard could that be?


Carrie said...

Really cute! I ecsp like the last two and her dress is adorable! e go to Picture people for their free 8x10 for the kids first year - 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 1 yr

TwoMuths said...

These are all adorable! I have yet to take Aaron to an official studio. He's almost 2. He's at the point now that I wouldn't mind giving it a try, though. Before now I just did not want to shell out ANY money or go to all the effort of toting him to the studio just for a meltdown - especially when we could get such cute photos at home. We don't have a whole lot of options as far as studios go around here.

We did a few photo sessions at home - one at 6 months, one at 10 months, one at 18 months, so I feel like we got ok photos for the camera we have and hopefully in the future we can invest in a better camera. We'll see. :-)

Ben and Carissa said...

she is so cute, Pam!! Congratulations on getting a good picture - only more fun to come. We just tried for family pictures -impossible to get all 3 to be happy, much less look at the camera. I'm still waiting to see how they turned out. I love the flowers in the background - again, so, so cute!!

Jen said...

Great pics! She did great - no screaming in any of the photos. Our Sears experience was them being 1 1/2 hrs. late and by that time Sierra was screaming - I just left - not fun! I have found Target is the best for us - they keep the appt. time and they are more versatile with wherever the kid wants to hang out in the room.

RMyers said...

Wonderful! Doing pictures of your own is easier than you would think. Cheaper too!




Liz said...

Do your own pics, Pam! :) I'm sure you could do it. No need to buy material. I'm sure your camera has a portrait setting (that should make the background blurry, so no need for the backdrop). Try some pics outside while it's still nice out. Or bundle her up in the fall and get outside with those beautiful fall colors in WI. Stay in the shade, but if it's bright out, you should have enough light in the shade for a fast shutter speed (necessary with kids). Don't be afraid to try odd angles and shots. You'll be surprised with the fun shots you can get. :)