Friday, July 24, 2009

Respite from Blogging

My respite from blogging wasn't exactly on purpose, but because of necessity, I guess. Since I posted last, I'll give a brief run-down of things that have happened in our lives.

  • Geoff's sister got married, so we took a 5 day trip to PA.
  • Maleia & I went to Colorado for a 5-6 day trip to visit family
  • Geoff went on a week-long fishing trip in Canada with men from the church
  • Geoff's parents came to our house to watch Maleia for a week
  • Geoff & I took 5 teens from church to Kenora, Ontario, Canada on a work missions trip
  • My parents came for a five day visit starting the day we arrived back from Canada (they were originally going to watch Maleia while we were on a missions trip to Mexico, but that trip was canceled, so they kept their time off & came to visit anyway)
  • Preparations for VBS
  • Enjoyed VBS
  • Entered the 3rd trimester of pregnancy!
So, now we're taking a short breather I guess you could say. Preparations for Baby Boy Smith who is due to come October 18th or so will continue. I've picked up some blue for him to wear here & there and grandma has also started donating things for the cause too. :)

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