Monday, November 07, 2005


Last year our church started a Fall Festival with a Pie Contest. Well, being the newlywed that I was, I really wanted to put in a beautiful pie to help tear down those terrible rumors of newlyweds being bad cooks. While sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office, I leafed through a magazine, and voila!, there was the most beautiful cherry cheesecake pie with a lattice top and sliced almonds pressed into the crust's edges. I thought, there's the pie I'm going to make. There were 3 categories for the pies: apple, pumpkin, & cherry, so this was perfect.
I slaved over the pie trying to make it was beautiful as possible, took it to the festival. As the winners were being announced, I held my breath, and my name was called out for 1st place! I couldn't beieve it! After receivng my prize, I sat down next to Geoff & whispered, "What if it's the only one!" He assured me that it wasn't - there were tables & tables full of pies. Well, it was.
Well, this past weekend we had our 2nd annual Fall Festival & Pie Contest. I thought, I still have most of the ingredients for this pie from what I bought last year, so might as well use them & make it again. The categories were changed to apple, pumpkin, & other fruit. So, I placed my pie down with all of the others, and there was quite a few of them. After the games, they started announcing the winners, and I wasn't really expecting anything, but they called my name again for 1st place. I was shocked.
Now, I don't eat fruit, so I can't really judge it. But, I guess it is an ok pie.

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