Monday, November 07, 2005


A couple weeks ago, I found that a local shopping center holds a Gingerbread House contest. After perusing the internet, I found the perfect house for me to make. Now, I've never attempted anything like this, but I was so excited about it. On Friday after work, I received my letter from the shopping center reminding me that my gingerbread house is due next Sunday. I thought, "Oh, no." I thought it wouldn't be due until Nov. 20th! Of course, this week is jam-packed with extra meetings and church events, but next week is totally open!
Well, on Saturday morning, I set out to buy all the things I needed & thank goodness almost all of it was on sale, so that night Geoff & I mixed our dough up. On Sunday afternoon I set to work. Rolling out the dough & cutting out my pieces, and then baking them. I didn't feel too bad because I only have 1 small casualty-a corner of my roof broke off. Nothing that icing won't fix. Now, all I need to do is glue together & decorate. Easier said than done! I'll keep you posted!

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