Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Forum - Thanksgiving

Friday Forum:
Each Friday, there'll be a couple questions to ask yourself. You can answer them in my comment sections. Here's this week's!
1. What do plan to do for Thanksgiving? (Are you cooking? Staying at home?Going to visit family?)
*Geoff & I will be heading to his Grandmom's house in Philly to have a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner. There'll be around 20 people when it's all said and done. I'm bringing a jello salad & some pumpkin bread. I'll also call home to CO to talk to my family since they'll all be together at my parents' house.

2. What are some Thanksgiving traditions that you have?
*We watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (until we get bored)
*Go to a relative's house
*Day after Thanksgiving: We get brave & head out to the stores to get some shopping done!

3. What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
*Thinking about all the blessings God has given to us
*Having family be all together in one place & enjoying each other
*Pumpkin Pie!

4. Do plan to start Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving or are you alreadyfinished?
*I'm in the middle

5. Think about what you are blessed with and list them if you'd like.
*Salvation, Geoff, our Christian family heritage, our church & new pastor, friends, our apartment

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nate, christina, and connor said...

i wrote a wicked long and very thought out comment that just got eaten by my i will attempt to duplicate it now...
well, pam, i'm about a month behind your answering schedule but here you go.....
1. we go to my great gramma's house and she cooks a massive feast for on i gotta count (again)....26 of us +2 "non-family" (jo-g came down for the weekend and lucy is a friend of the family)
2. we always go bowling after the's crazy but it's really fun...we used to always go out and cut down our trees the day after thanksgiving but too many people in the fam don't put up real trees anymore...allergies/asthma. so now just my parents, sister (and fam), and me (and fam) go.
3. being with family, playing games, just hanging out and relaxing. and a hearty amen to that pumpkin pie!
4. already finished!?! you remember who you're talking to right? i'll be finished on christmas eve and not a moment sooner.
5. the gift of salvation, my amazing hardworking husband (4 jobs right now...i kid you not) my cute as a button healthy son, my drafty house--part of the reason for the jobs:-), my church family--amazingly helpful when connor was born, my extended fam