Monday, November 14, 2005

It Is Finished

The house above is what my house is supposed to look like, but of course, I think mine is better. :) Just kidding. Finally, Saturday night around 8 pm, I finished the house. What a relief. I'm so relieved that it was done and done on time. Sunday afternoon after church, we took it over to the shopping center to enter it. I told Geoff later that as I was glancing at the other entries, I didn't feel ashamed of mine. It sorta fit in with everyone else's and didn't look like it was a first timer. Now, I don't want to sound proud, but I was thankful that it turned out pretty nice. As soon as I finish up our roll of film, we'll put the pictures up. Don't hold your breath, because I think there are pictures from 2 years ago on this same roll. :)

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