Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday' Questions - Winter Weather

1) What is your area's winter weather usually like? What range oftemperatures are typical? Do you get lots of snow and/or ice? Haveyou had much snow so far?
~We have all 4 seasons here in PA, and right now it's chilly like it should be. I'm not used to the humidity, so it seems so much colder than I'm used to in CO. We've had about 12-14 inches of snow so far this year. It can get down in the the single digits and up to 45 or so, depending on the mood of the jet streams (i'm just trying to sound smart, is it working? )

2) How do you heat your home? At what temperature do you usually setyour thermostat in the wintertime? Do you have a fireplace, and do you use it often? Are your heating bills usually expensive in thewinter or about average?
~Since we're in an townhouse complex, our heat is inclued in our rent, but Geoff likes it cold & I like it warm. Many times his office window is open, and I'll be downstairs freezing! The thermostat pretty much sits at 70. I'd love a fireplace mainly for the atmosphere. Maybe someday.

3) What are some of your favorite winter/cold weather activitiesand/or sports? What type of winter coat do you have, and what accessories do you usually wear with it? [Scarves, hats,mittens/gloves, etc.]
~I love to be inside during the winter. Like I said I'm cold almost all of the time. Why would I want to be out in it too? I always have my scarf & mittens, and sometimes I'll wear a hat depending on if moisture is falling from the sky.

4) Do you enjoy winter, or do you prefer a different season? Why/whynot? Do you ever suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] in thewintertime? Do you ever travel to warmer climates to get away fromthe cold temperatures?
~I love a hot dry summer, and if I had more money (as if we all wouldn't), I'd definitely go someplace warmer.

5) What are some of your favorite winter foods and beverages?
~My friend Liz (Eckman) Lovelace got me hooked on Chai Tea. I love it! I als will have the usual hot chocolate and occasionally a coffee. Egg nog is a must for Christmas time.

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Katie said...

1. Louisville does have four seasons but does not get a lot of snow. We turned our AC off in the beginning of October and felt like we had to turn the heat on the next week! The temps can vary pretty drastically too - sometimes 40 degrees overnight. We have more problems with ice here. Last Christmas, "Holiday Storm 2004" hit. Louisville got 9 inches of snow and the city almost declared a state of emergency. :) Well, maybe not, but they sure got riled up. At the chance of snow, the news stations are breaking into regular programming and warning everyone to stay inside. :) Kinda funny to northerners like us.

2. Gas, I guess; the thermostat is set at 65 (we bundle up). We don't have a fireplace (we live in a top-level duplux.) Our heating bills were ridiculous the last two months - so ridiculous that I called the company to try to figure out where we're losing heat - turns out that our meter hasn't been read for two months; they've just been estimating it. Hopefully we'll see things balance out this month. We also insulated the inside of our windows with that plastic stuff you can buy at Home Depot; this has helped with drafts a lot.

3. I like sledding, building snow men, and best of all - making snow angels! I wear a pretty light red quilted jacket Janelle bought me at Target a few Christmases ago, and I have a pair of black gloves and a black and grey striped scarf - both of which I bought when I was a freshman in college.

4. I love winter. It's probably my favorite season (along with Fall). What is SAD? I wouldn't mind a vacation to a warmer climate during winter though. Heck, I'd just like a vacation!

5. Chili, Kirsten's Apple Bean Bake, peppermint steamer, Christmas Drink (Calm down, it's just Vernor's and cranberry juice!)