Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I've Gone Nuts!

Last year a friend of mine taught me how to crochet. I love doing it! Especially during the semester when I become a Seminary Widow because Geoff needs his study time. It came in handy when this past year we had different friends of ours have a baby each month of this past year! Talk about a lot of practice.
Well, I decided to make a blanket for my grandmother, but didn't make the decision to do it until last Thursday. The crunch is on! Now, I'm trying to work like a madlady to get this done (and look nice enough to give as a gift :) & sent to arrive by Christmas. I should have thought about this in October. :)
Has anyone else tried to make something special with a very limited time space & pulled it off?


Shyla said...

Hi Pam!
This is Shyla (Morrison) Rohrer!
Yes, it's true! I married Nathan Rohrer! :) Anyway, that's a whole other blog posting I suppose. As far as the ARE crazy! Maybe you could make it a little lap blanket (barring she doesn't have a huge lap :) that may be an equally nice, but faster option! I have recently taken up the grandmotherly craft of knitting (again for the 5th time in my life) since we are expecting in May, i thought it would be a neat thing to make a blanket for my little one...trouble's taken me a month to NOT finish a scarf...not as motivated as I thought I was! So, good luck on your crocheting ventures and you will have to let all of your loyal fans know how it all works out!
Take Care and have a Merry Christmas!

Katie said...


You too? My sister Janelle taught me how to crochet in October, and I've been hooked ever since (ha! I didn't even use "hooked" intentionally at first :)). I completed a pretty large throw blanket for my mother-in-law for Christmas (pretty sure she'll never find her way to your blog). I also made a pretty baby blanket for a friend in pretty much a day (Yeah, I pretty much neglected everything else). Is this picture one you took or just found? I crochet a lot tighter than that - but I'm a rookie. I don't know ANYTHING except the basics. I would like to learn how to knit, but am more intimidated by that - especially with no one to teach me. Those books are so hard to understand. So, keep at your grandmother's blanket. It gives you an excuse to put that over less-desireable tasks since you want to finish it by Christmas! :)

pamela s said...

Thanks for the encouragment! Hope Geoff doesn't mind those dirty dishes! :)

pamela s said...

That's just a picture I got off the internet. I haven't attempted any doilies yet, just blankets & crafts. You should go to for free patterns. It has everything beautiful & ugly. :)