Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Well, it's the beginning of December & the end of the semester crunch is on! Geoff is sweating out his last couple of projects. The biggest one being his 12-15 page paper on a passage in Matthew & in Isaiah mainly discussing the fact whether or not Mary was a virgin. After about 5-6 hours in the library, he feels a little better about the paper. It's due in 7 days, but then it's done!
I cleaned the house head to toe, with the exception of the office. I wouldn't risk my life moving any of those papers around! But, then I got out the decorations for Christmas & now my house is a mess again. By tonight everything should be in order.
As soon as Geoff is done, we'll head out to find the perfect Christmas tree. Then we'll be all set for Christmas! I have about 85% of my shopping done which leaves the baking. I'm trying hard not to be stressed about Christmas, but just enjoy it & celebrate Christ's birth.

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