Monday, February 20, 2006

Is It Monday Already?

Elyse's wedding was beautiful and everything went very well. The "major" thing that went wrong was that after the wedding was over, all of the groomsmen & bridesmaids went down in the wrong order. With that as the "major" wrong thing, you can definitely call this wedding very close to perfect! She was beautiful, he was nervous; it was so cute! They're off to Puerto Rico to catch a cruise, and have wonderful days basking in the sun on the beaches they visit. (While we survive through temperatures that barely make it to 30 :)
Now for the rest of us, back to the real world. The rest of the weekend went well. I got to spend some time with my honey watching movie, which is rare now that the semester is underway. This week our church is having their missions conference, but we are required to go to Calvary's Leadership Conference which is this week also. Either way, we'll be very busy running around, but I'm sure we'll get a blessing out of it.


journeyer said...

Was this THE Elyse. My old roommate? Who did she marry? Do you know if their wedding picts are online anywhere? I am so happy for her! Thanks, Katie (Zakes) Barker

pamela s said...

This is Elyse (Margraff) now Shedal. She married someone in our church. My husband and she went to the same school & church, so I was excited to know that I would have at least one really good friend around after we got married!
The wedding was beautiful!

journeyer said...

If you think of it, do tell her I said hello and Congrats! feel free to give her my blog address as well. thanks, kb