Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To Educate or Not To Educate Girls

Since I'm new to this blogging world, I've decided to explore it a little. Of course you come across some trash, and then you come across some interesting blogs that make you really think. Biblical Womanhood is a blog that is ultra conservative in their thinking. I'm not endorising it, but I do visit it occasionally. Many times they approach things differently than I do, so it makes me think through things.
Well, recently it posted a link for someone else's blog. One post was about whether girls should head to college or stay at home preparing to be a wife & mother. I was surprised that this is still a discussion worthy topic! Anyone is welcome to give their opinion on that blog.
Sometimes I do wonder if I should have gone to college because at this time I'm definitely not using my degree now. I was an elementary education major, and taught 1 year (and loved it!), but after getting married & moving to PA, there weren't any teacher openings for me. So now I'm an administrative assistant in a small plastics company. I do use what I learned for Sunday School purposes, but other than that all my bulletin board supplies and other teaching supplies sit in plastic bins in our closet. The Lord is definitely in control, and He knows our future, and He wouldn't have led me to that college & degree without a reason, so I am comforted with that. I also do know if I hadn't gone to college, I wouldn't have met my wonderful hubby, so that is a definite plus!
So do you think Christian girls should head to college or stay at home preparing for their role as a wife and mother? Does a college education benefit a Christian young lady? Would love to hear from you! (I do know what I believe, but just curious as to what other people think.)


nate, christina, and connor said...

oh boy, i thought we came from conservative backgrounds. we would look like wild pagans next to some of these chicks! i glanced through a good chunk of the posts, and i am forced to think in today's society, what would a girl do if she didn't get married? what if she's a widow? what skill does she have to support her family? i'm sure mcdonald's is hiring....but can you successfully support yourself and/or a family like that? there are no more fields for a ruth to glean from. i would almost say it's irresponsible for a girl to not prepare herself to serve God in our modern world. of course, i would suggest a christian school, so that as she gains education/skills she can also further learn how to be a godly woman/wife/mother.
i'm very curious to watch that page. i'm interested to see where they're coming from.
and the whole "speak kindly" button cracked me up. she asks for people to speak kindly, but when someone doesn't quite measure up, she really zings them.
in the end i'm very glad i have a college education to back me up. i gained skills and experiences, met and learned to deal with a variety of people and personalities. i know that if i needed it, my training could be put to use to work for my family.

pamela s said...

I agree with you Christina. A Christian college atmosphere forces you to see how self centered you are when dealing with other roommates, but also allows you ministry opportunities you might not try out at home. All of this while preparing yourself to be able to serve either in ministry or the secular world.
I wonder if those who believe in staying home and being close to parents (some not even working) are fulfilling the Great Commision in any way.

givengrace said...

I read something my John MacArtur--he was answering the question of whether girls should go to college when they may just marry and never work. He said that if a Christian female lawyer, doctor, teacher, writer, etc. gets married as is a stay-at-home mom, then her family benefits from having a mom who is a lawyer, doctor, teacher, writer, etc.

A college education doesn't just prepare you for a career; it develops your thinking skills, your intelligence, etc. All of those things would only be beneficial for a wife and/or mother.

Alicia said...


I don't know you but I stumbled across your blog through Shyla's I think. I have to say I've been pensive and appalled about your question. I visited the rotten tomatoes posting but I'm afraid she would not "speak kindly" in response to my opinion. Coming from a secular background (I wasn't saved until 17 and am from a totally non-Christian family) I must admit some of my thinking still is rooted in humanism. My initial reaction to your post was astonishment. How could anyone think girls should NOT go to college? I do though see her reasoning but she's carried it to an illogical and irrational conclusion. What's to guarantee the non-college-bound-girl will ever get married? My sister-in-law is a gem of a woman (a single medical missionary to Mexico) and a talented caring nurse. If you follow this blogger's thought out to its conclusion, what is she saying about single women? That they are not in God's will?

I echo the commenters above by saying that there is MUCH to be gleaned from a college experience beyondthe learning of information. Social skills, problem solving techniques, dealing with authorities, are all excellent experiences in college used to mature a believer in Christ. A college education might prove very useful for a stay-at-home mom in the future. Home-schooling or helping with homework while the kids are school aged and maybe a second career when the kids have flown the coop.

Forgive the length of my comment, I'd like to conclude by saying we should be careful not to judge lest we be judged. We shouldn't judge/condemn a girl for choosing not to go to college.

Thanks for letting me rant. :) It's been on my mind all day. God's grace to you dear,

pamela s said...

Thanks, Alicia,
I agree that not everyone should go to college, but I also believe it is not wrong to go to college. This entire discussion has made me think through why I beleive some things.