Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day Ideas

Does anyone have good ideas for Valentine's Day? I think it's especially hard for girls to find something for guys. Keep it decent - we're a family friendly blog. :) What do people do other than a nice dinner?


Heather said...


Funny you should post this...I was thinking the same thing today....what to do, what to do. Of course a nice dinner is always a good thing, but I just can't seem to come up with something that is romantic, but yet affordable at the same time.

Maybe a nice breakfast to start out his day special or a delicious dessert. (check out the new blog by Alicia and Katie) I was thinking about making one of them and then having a nice "quiet" time in front of our fireplace after the kids go to bed. Sometime our best times are just being able to talk in the peace and quiet of the evening when the kids are sound asleep.

Anyways, Happy Valentines Day to you and Geoff.


pamela s said...

That sounds nice. I think that's what we'll be doing also. Geoff hates busy overpriced restaurants, so we'll go home and relax. Happy Valentines to you and Kevin.