Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Addicting TV Shows

We aren't huge TV freaks. We can live without it fine, but there are some things that we enjoy watching. Last week, I started watching the game show Deal or No Deal. Now, we don't have cable, or I would be hooked on HGTV or TLC channels learning new ways to beautify my house, but alas, we are stuck with the normal ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, & Fox. We can't really get PBS because it's really fuzzy. Oh, well.
Warning: Watching Deal or No Deal can cause a person to have indigestions. All the suspense kills me (or maybe it's the tomato sauce from dinner :). In a nutshell, 26 girls hold a briefcase each, with the briefcase marked a number 1-26. Inside each briefcase is a dollar amount ranging from $.01 to $1,000,000. On a monitor next to the girls, it has listed the dollar amounts, so the contestant knows which amounts have been picked & which ones are left. The contestant chooses 1 suitcase as his "lucky" suitcase, and sets it aside. The customer narrows down the suitcases to see what exactly is in his lucky one. But, after the contestant chooses a certain number of cases, a “banker” calls and offers him a deal to end the game. The contestant can choose the deal or open more cases. It sounds boring, but the energetic & greedy people really make the show. Sometimes, you’re rooting for the people & sometimes they’re so obnoxious you just don’t care. :)
Why is it that some shows are just addicting? During the first season, I was addicted to Apprentice, but now it seems to just be repetitive with different people, although no one could be the “Omorosa” as well as Omorosa. :) I’ve heard 24 and LOST is addicting. We are hooked on CSI: the Original one. Geoff tapers his study time on Thursday so he can watch it. Sometimes I have to tape it for him so he can watch it on the weekends. Are there any shows you just can’t stand to miss?


nate, christina, and connor said...

totally addictive! i got into deal or no deal too. but not as much as 24. now that's a kicker! jo-g got me into csi but i really only watch it when we're with him or nathan's parents.
unfortunately (for me), we got a sweet deal for cable and internet so all we watch is golf channel and espn. but at least i can watch 24. :-)

nate, christina, and connor said...

oh yeah, i forgot... this season, there's a guy named ace on american idol.....so i'm hooked to see how far he gets.

TwoMuths said...

Hi, Pam!
I've just discovered all these friends from Northland are blogging! It's fun to catch up on what has been going on!

I hate to admit that I'm a complete and total nerd, (no surprise there!) but there's a show on USA called "Monk" about this obsessive/compulsive detective. I think it is hilarious and I love trying to figure out how to solve the case before the end--I could watch it every day but it's on only on Fridays, and unfortunately, I got hooked on it when we HAD cable courtesy of our landlords. They cancelled, we didn't want to pay the $50/month and alas, my Monk-watching days are over...I do have a friend who knows how much I love it, and occasionally tapes it for me. A true friend indeed! HA.

Karen said...

I'm with Christina--I canNOT miss 24. But you have to start watching the very first episode of the season. I used to think it was weird and dumb, but my friend said, "Just watch the first one and see if you aren't hooked." And now I am!

Samantha said...

Hey Pamela!
Jim and I are both addicted to the show 24. This is the first season that we've really gotten into it. It's true that if you watch the first episode you're hooked for the season! It's nice though because it's something that we can both get into- there's the action, and the love story twists as well:) We did miss the first episode this past Monday though because we forgot it was a 2-hour special...bummer!

pamela s said...

I'll definitely have to look into the DVDs of 24 so we can get caught up. It does look like a show we would be interested in, so, I'll have to give it a try.

Shyla said...

Spamela...YOU MUST MUST MUST watch 24!!
I must say, i don't know about the other gals but Nate and I have opted (well, really we had no choice after we bought a house and only get 2 channels - neither of which are FOX) to watch the seasons on DVD. IT IS WAAAAAY more intense! You can't get off of the couch on a commercial from relief from the tension! It's AWESOME! There are 4 episodes per DVD. Nate and I went to SC for a week and every night we watched a DVD before we went to bed. We were so tired our "eyes were bleeding" but you get THAT hooked! We finished all of season 1 in that week! LOL
We have yet to start season 2 - but when we do - it will be all or nothing! It's a great show.
We even got my mom hooked! She's not really into shows like that and I called her on a Tuesday night and apparently it was a bad time b/c she was having a date with Jack (the main character - my hero!! :) LOL I didn't think that anything was more important than michigan football to my mom as fr as the TV went...guess we all grow up sometime! :)

Katie said...

I haven't joined the latest rave about 24 yet. Although my brother is absolutely obsessed with it. I love LOST and Survivor. We also recently really started to like The Office - it's pretty funny. But I can stand to miss it, since last night I had to when Lou. showed college bb all night (grrhhh).

We have the best cable deals EVER (free!). One of these days, when we have time, Chris and I will have to rent the dvds for 24 and see what we've been missing. :) Probably when we live in Scotland and it's either that or the BBC. :)

Heather said...

I was away from the blogging world for almost a week. So i am catching up. My husband and I are so big on 24. We also like CSI when we get to watch it. It always seems like there is so much to do in the eveings and TV is what we get to do when we are finished running around. Living in CST is also something that I have had to adjust to. When we lived in PA the EST was so nice becasue things started at 8, but now TV shows start at 7PM here in IL. That took me forever to adjust to! Oh well.