Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Qestions

I know it's been a long week for most of you out there, but here are some fun questions to answer to see everyone's opinions. The topic is reading. I absolutely love to read, but I think college did me in. I do not know how my husband reads his 1,000 pages per class per semester. I would be insane by now. I do occasionally pick up a good Chrisian fictional novel, and sometimes when I'm at the library, I sneak over the kid's sections to read a Nancy Drew book. :) Let me know your thoughts.

1. How often do you read? I used to read a book or two a week. But, then I started racking up $2-3 library fines a month, I punished myself by not going for awhile. Since I've started crocheting last year, I've slacked off quite a bit.

2. Who are your favorite authors? John Grisham, Lori Wick, Tracy Peterson.

3. What genre most interests you (For example, suspense, romance,horror, contemporary, etc.)? Christian romance, Historical Fiction

4. What elements of a book most appeal to you (character development,plot, dialogue, etc.)?
I love character development, because I love to be able to relate with the character. For instance, one summer when I was in college, I was reading a Lori Wick book (not sure which one), and got so excited because the girl with brown hair, not stick thin, and maybe a little homely looking actually got the main guy in the story! I was so excited I ran down the hall yelling, "The ugly fat girl finally got the guy!" My sister was the only one home, and she just laughed.

5. Do you buy books written by celebrity authors? Why or why not? First of all, I don't buy books. I usually only read them once. Occasionally, I will look through a celebrity book. Maybe a biography or something pertaining to their field (cooking, decorating, weight loss, etc.), but it's not a usualy habit.

Now it's your turn!


Alicia said...

Thanks for asking! I used to be a read-a-holic as well. I think I read at least 6 books about pregnancy/babies before having Chloe and before that I . . . better save all this for the questions!
1. I read my Bible almost every evening. I'm reading "Word Freak" right now and it's addicting! I read that about 4 times a week.
2. Charles Dickens is numba 1!
3. Fiction, Historical Fiction, Nonfiction
4. character development and depth, good deep story
5. I only buy interesting science books when they're on sale or kids' books. Nope, don't pickup celebrity books but I'm a sucker for browsing through celebrity magazines at borders. :)

Katie said...

1. everyday - usually at night or during Luke's naptime
2. James Herriot, J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, A.A. Milne, C.S. Lewis
3. I really don't like one a lot more that others - mystery, historical fiction, romance, autobiographical
4. character development, I guess
5. Only if I'm in the middle of a series and am waiting for the next book (ie Harry Potter - They're great books, and I'll admit, I'm a huge fan!)

Alicia said...

Must amend my posting: C.S. Lewis is a close second to Dickens as my favorite author. Lewis has written a little known sci-fi trilogy that is AWESOME! The books are Perelandra, That Hideous Strength and something else that I can't remember right now. KT: is James Herriot the one who wrote the english vet series?

Katie said...

Yep. He's the one. I'm looking forward to visiting his birthplace (in Glasgow, Scotland) and also where he worked and wrote his books! (in northern England, I think)

Karen said...

I've always loved to read, too, but college and then teaching left NO time for leisure reading! I like mystery/suspense, but my latest craze is Francine Rivers, who writes primarily Biblical Fiction. "Redeeming Love" is a MUST-read for you, Pam! You'd love it. But I also like Christian living books--especially those targeted to women and mothers. I don't usually buy books--it takes an unusually good book to get me to read it twice. And I don't care at all what 99% of celebrities have to say!

Shyla said...

1. How often do you read? Really I only get to read when nothing else is going on..rarely ever. Most of the time it's all I can do to make sure I am keeping up with my walk with God.

2. Who are your favorite authors? Don't really have one.

3. What genre most interests you (For example, suspense, romance,horror, contemporary, etc.)? I don't really like to read things that are fiction. I have enough trouble keeping my thoughts on things that are true without creating an avenue of distraction. Anything real life (autobiographical, or regarding christian living and theology)

4. What elements of a book most appeal to you (character development,plot, dialogue, etc.)?
I am not really sure why I am even commenting on this post seeing I don't have a lot of imput! :)

5. Do you buy books written by celebrity authors? Why or why not? Nah! I'll flip through a martha Stewart book for Ideas or a Rachel Ray cookbook for a recipe but there are soooooooo many other things out there to buy (groceries, baby stuff :)