Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Questions

I sometimes have Friday Questions, but since I will be off, I'll ask them today.

Do any of you have any Easter traditions? I do think it's sad that we as Christians focus an entire 4-6 weeks on Jesus' birth, but only a weekend on His death & resurrection, the reasons for His birth. I have a closet full of Christmas decorations which help remind me of the reason for Christmas, but don't have any for Easter. I really do enjoy Easter, but it's so hard to stay focused on it with all of the eggs, bunnies, hams, etc.

1. What type of Easter traditions do you and your family do? Growing up, my mom would fill our Easter baskets with candy & a small toy. Most of the time we found them on the kitchen table waiting for us on Easter morning. She also is a great seamstress & would sew my sisters & my dresses - matching of course. My brother's outfit would coordinate with ours. A trip to Sears Portrait would usually happen a little before Easter or right after for our bi-annual family portrait.
When living close to extended family, we would have an egg hunt. My granparents used to have chickens, so my grandmother would carefully break her eggs, dye the shells, & then scotch tape them together with candy or pennies inside.
Geoff & I now go to his grandmother's house to eat dinner with all of the aunts, uncles, & cousins. Fun times!

2. What is your usual Easter meal? Where do you usually go to eat it? (restaraunt, relatives' house, or home) The meal always has ham, potatoes, & gravy. The other side dishes change from year to year. My mom usually prepares the meal, but since we're so far away, we'll go to Geoff's grandmother's house.

3. What's your favorite Easter candy? The little eggs that are similar to M&Ms. NO PEEPS - YUCK!


TwoMuths said...

1. What type of Easter traditions do you and your family do? Growing up we'd have a jelly bean hunt after we were all ready for church, and about every 5 years we got a new Bible. Mom also made "Resurrection Buns" for us. You put a marshmallow inside the dough, bake them, and when you go to eat them, the marshmallow has dissappeared!

2. What is your usual Easter meal? Where do you usually go to eat it? (restaraunt, relatives' house, or home) HA! about 2 years ago my mom's side of the family decided that the traditional ham dinner was too much work...and we all vote and decided to eat Mexican food on Easter. We've had fajitas and some side dishes since. It's TONS easier, everyone pretty much brings 2 or 3 things to contribute. It's a lot of fun, and we rotate houses for location.

3. What's your favorite Easter candy? Mini Cadbury Eggs (the solid chocolate ones, not the creme eggs, YUCK!)

TwoMuths said...

By the way, GREAT story about your grandma. What LOVE!!

Alicia said...

1. My mom would hide candy all over the house the night before easter and my sis and I would go on an indoor easter candy hunt through the house on easter morning! Our candy-filled easter baskets would also be hidden somewhere. It was great fun but not a hint of Christ in easter for my non-christian family.
2.The typical: ham, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, etc.
3. Sorry Jen, I LOVE the creamy cadbury eggs! Too bad I'm watching my weight. :(

I would like your resurrection bun recipe Jen; I am ansy to start some traditions with Chloe (not this year yet though) that honor Christ's resurrection.

Kelli said...

1. What type of Easter traditions do you and your family do? Heston and I don't really have any traditions yet, as a family, but they will come! When I was growing up, we always had an easter basket filled with some candy and a toy and then we would go to church in our Easter Dresses and them come home for a WONDERFUL dinner! My Aunt & Uncle and cousins and my other aunt would always come over. Once in a while our grandparents would make the trip from IA or CA to be with us. Then, until we were 12, we could be a part of the easter egg hunt in our backyard! After we turned 12, though, we got to help hide the eggs!

2. What is your usual Easter meal? Where do you usually go to eat it? Ham, these special potatoes that my mom makes, and petal bread. Sometimes we had turkey too depending on how many people came. Oh, and Aunt Brenda's tangerine salad!

3. What's your favorite Easter candy? I use to love the big chocolate bunnies! I could eat a little at a time and it would last me forever! And the Cadbury eggs filled with caramel! Yum!

kristi c said...

All of us kids would color Easter eggs with those packets you get from Wal-Mart. I still remember the awe I felt when I pulled those eggs out of the dye and POOF! they were all sorts of cool colors! Unfortunately, when i've suggested to friends in recent years that we color Easter eggs, they snickered and said, "Are you kidding? Only kids do that." What on earth???? I would have done it this year but with the craziness of grad school I forgot about it until it was too late. Next year...

(Spamelita, I am glad I had a few minutes to read your blog tonight! :) I miss you!