Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not Much Going On Here

I know my blog has been quiet here this week, but not much has been going on. Geoff's on Spring Break from classes. He never really takes a break from his schoolwork though, he sees it as a chance to get more done! Our computer is dying, so we're trying to not get too frustrated over it since it was practically free! Thank goodness for a tax return, so we can purchase a new one--hopefully before the end of the semester for those last minute papers that will have to be done. He has 1 more year until his M.Div is completed - Praise the Lord! Unlike some of you out there, a Ph.D is out! When he's done, he'll be done for good -- well, at least for now, you never should say never!

I have Good Friday off which is our 1st day off since New Year's Day. This week I've tried to tackle some Spring Cleaning. Not completely successful, but my goal is to have it completed by Saturday!

Yesterday, my honey traveled to NJ to pick up our dining room set. He works for a plant nursery & sometimes makes deliveries, so he has access to big trucks if we ever need one. We were planning on borrowing one truck on Sat., but Geoff was told that on Wed. many nurseries in NJ needed deliveries done. So, Geoff did those deliveries - which happened to be only 15 minutes away from where our furniture was - picked up the furniture, and we didn't have to pay gas! Praise the Lord who works out the little details in our lives! On top of that, the lady gave us back $5 because she forgot to clean it up for us! A whole set of furniture for only $45! Only the Lord could do that. Now, we will have to redo the top of the table, but other than that, it's in really good shape. I'm so thankful & excited!

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Kelli said...

How exciting that you got to pick up your table for Free! The Lord cares about the details! At Christmas, we got to drive all the way to PA for free because Northland needed something picked up in Philadelphia!
Enjoy your new table and post pictures when you get it refinished!
Good luck on the spring cleaning!