Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Survey

Family Traditions is the theme for this week's survey. It's fun to think back to when I was small & I knew I could expect certain things for each holiday. What did your family do or what do you do now with your own family to make each holiday special?

1. Do you have any family traditions? If so, what are they? Yes. We had many, but my favorite was Christmas Stockings. On Christmas Eve my parents would fill our stockings & hide them around the house. On Christmas morning, we would play Hot & Cold to find them. My parents even hid each other's stocking. It started off Christmas Day with a lot of fun.

2. Do you think having family traditions are important? Why or why not. Family traditions are extremely important in distinguishing your family from others - it makes you special! :) Also, children love knowing what will happen from year to year, and they look forward to it. Traditions create family togetherness.

3. What traditions do you wish your family had? I'll have to hear of some more so I know which ones are out there!

4. Do you have a tradition that you wish was more common among the United States population? If so, what is it and why? Not really. I know I'm gald we don't celebrate some things that other countries do like Day of the Dead - those sound scary!

5. Do or will you pass this traditions down to your own kids? I definitely want to implement traditions in our family. Geoff & I have started doing some for just ourselves before children come, so we get into the habit. I'm looking forward to creating a family togetherness some day!

Let me know how you feel! Since most of you have small children, have you started yet?


nate, christina, and connor said...

1. our family is full of traditions. my favorite has to be our sunday dinners. since my dad was a small boy, every sunday after church the whole fam goes over to great gramma sanders house for fried chicken and a feast you wouldn't believe unless you saw it. seriously, she cooks all week to prepare for it. even though our family has grown to 26 we still do it a lot. sadly, things are changing and we don't do it as much. for crying out loud gramma is 87! but that made for a fabulously tight knit fam and cousins that felt like extra bros and sis's.
2. trad's are so important. i love it that our family is super close b/c of ours. there is such a great love in our crew. and with our loud and crazy personalities, no one really ever leaves mad b/c of what someone said. we call them an idiot right then and there and duke it out till a resolution. it's great! and we all love each other.
3. there's nothing missing. i like it just the way it is.
4. i wish more families would sit down for dinner together.
5. we will definitely have similar traditions. my dad has already started our own version of "sunday dinner". my sister and i take our families over for what we call "free food fridays" and we do it on sunday when we can.
sorry pam, i got a little carried away with this one. but i guess family is just super important to me.

Katie said...

1.My mom was so great in making life in general, but especially holidays, SO special. Most of our traditions are at Christmastime. We usually managed to decorate the tree together, with Bing in the background and my dad videoing the event. For sure, X-mas Eve is the center of our traditions though. When I was about 5, my older bro and sis started getting together a little "Christmas Pageant" for my parents. The first yr, I was Mary, Daniel was Joseph & Janelle & April were angels. We still do this! Not necessarily a drama production, but some sort of little program. Around the same time, we started having X-mas dinner at our house too, so to avoid cooking the night before, we would have good-old "frozen" pizza and other fun snacks on paper plates by candlelight. We all LOVE this meal. Then, while the parentals cleaned up, we would get our act together and prepare for the "program." After the pageant, we open all of our presents. (Stockings & presents from extended fam were the next day.) Afterwards, sometimes we would watch a movie, or sometimes scatter to try out our new toys. :) God-willing, Christmas Eve 2006 will be the first time we'll all be together to do this since 2003.
2. So, so important. For family togetherness, reflecting on our blessings, and just being with each other and making memories. It's good to be able to have fun with your family!
3. I would like to start some traditions that focus more intentionally on Christ at Advent and especially Lent/Easter. Specifically, I want to have a Noel Calendar next Christmas (Advent Calendar sold by Desiring God Ministries). I know lots of families who do the calendar, and their kids LOVE it!
4. Family dinners, or just being together. It's pathetic how disconnected so many families are.
5.We've implemented a few, but not a ton on our own yet. From now on, I really want to though, because Luke is old enough to enjoy them (even if he might not remember them yet).