Monday, May 01, 2006

Short Update

I talked to my mom this weekend, and she told me some details about my grandfather's funeral. Since no one other than my family is a growing Christian (some claim to be saved, but don't go to church, etc.), my parents were asked if their pastor would do the service. I'm so grateful that the funeral will have the Gospel clearly presented!
On a side note, I was shocked to hear how much it costs to bury someone. It'll be about $10,000 or so - and that is not including the plots that were bought in the past! That's unbelievable! Geoff, the cheapskate that he is, says he wants to be buried in a cardboard box; he doesn't want me to waste the money. :)


Kelli said...

I will be praying for your family as final arrangements are made. I am glad that the Gospel will be clearly presented. I will also pray that your family members will renew thier walk with the Lord and that some may even get saved. Praying for you!

Heather said...

We are praying for your family! It is so cool to hear that the Gospel will be CLEARLY PRESENTED at the funeral! What a blessing that is!!

I would have to agree with you on the costs of funerals. When Kevin and I were planning his mom’s funeral, we were in utter disbelief when we saw prices of what it was going to cost!!! It just doesn't seem right does it?