Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For the Frugal

If you're looking for a cheaper night out with your honey, you HAVE to check out this website. www.restaurant.com is a website where you can purchase gift certificates at a lower rate than what it is worth! For instance $10 gift certificates go for $3 & $25 certificates for $10.

This past weekend there was a sale & the prices were at 1/2 off. You can find out about these sales if you sign up with an account with them. Most of the restaurants are independent establishments (no big chains). I bought a couple this past weekend & can't wait to use them this summer.

Please read the small print, because sometimes you have to spend up to a certain amount to be able to use your coupon. Also, I would recommend calling the restaurant before purchasing the coupon, just to make sure they will still accept it (you never know!). Happy eating out!

I was pointed to this site by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood.

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nate, christina, and connor said...

really great tip pam! i'm all over it.