Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stopping to Pray

So many times we just go through our lives and everything is hunky - dory & BAM! you get hit with news that brings you to your knees in prayer to your Heavenly Father.
Yesterday that happened to me. Our weekend was relaxing as Geoff & I spent time together and got a lot done here and there. On Monday morning I opened up my emails from friends & learned some hard things. One good friend's father is close to dying. I knew he hasn't been very well, but didn't think it was this bad. The next email I opened was from a very close friend stating that her mother had attempted suicide-thankfully unsuccessful! I have met her mom & have spent time at their house & would have never suspected anything like this would have happened.
Both of these women love the Lord and are serving Him with their lives. I have no clue what to say to them. The distance is too far between us, so I can't comfort them in person. All I can do is just pray on their behalf. Pray for their own strength to get through these trials & pray for their families. Prayer is such a powerful tool to show God that we need Him, but many times we neglect it or turn our praying into rote sayings. I know right now my prayer life has been turned to a pleading for God's grace on these situations.
Edit: My friend's father passed away on Tuesday night. Thankfully he is a Christian and is cancer free in heaven! If you think of it, pray for this family. My other friend's mom is in a hospital going through evaluations and in good care. We're praying that a Christian doctor will take her case so not just the physical & mental aspects can be addressed, but also the spiritual.


Karen said...

Goodness, Pam. Don't you just hate not knowing what to say? I will pray for these 2 people tonight, that the Lord would rain down His peace on them and give comfort.

What a humbling position to be in as a friend to these 2 people. Someone once told me that you can't go wrong with encouraging Scripture and a gentle smile. I'll pray for you, too, that God will show you what to say.

JS said...

Yes, good thing he wasn't Jewish, or, God forbid, a Muslim. I would hate to think of some innocent, good man suffering through a painful bout with cancer and then suffering for eternity in hell because he didn't believe in Christ's divinity. It was a close call.

I just feel bad for a former classmate of mine. In middle school, his dad died of cancer, but he was Jewish. He spent his whole life trying to help others and ran a huge (and hugely succesful) anti-racism organization. Is he in hell now?

pamela s said...

It doesn't really matter what "religion" you are associated with, but that you have a relationship with God. If your friend's father had asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior from his sins before he passed away, then your friend's father is in heaven.