Thursday, June 01, 2006

3 Day Weekend & 4 Day Work Week

I love these weeks where our week is shortened. Doesn't France or other European countries do something similar? I wouldn't mind working 10 hours days to get a Monday or Friday off. :)
Our Memorial Day weekend was very nice. By the end, I realized it was a mix of busyness & relaxation.
Saturday: We enjoyed the best thing about weekends-sleeping in. For Geoff that meant getting up at 7:45 & for me-9:30. Geoff grew up with a tradition for breakfasts on the weekend. His father always cooked a hot breakfast on Saturdays & Sundays, and eventually Geoff started doing it too. I can count on one hand how many Sat. or Sun we have NOT had a hot breakfast. As a cereal fiend, I don't care if we have it or not, but since he's cooking . . . . :) After our pancakes with chocolate chips or walnuts in them, we headed to a graduation celebration for one of Geoff's Calvary Seminary classmates. From there we headed to Lowe's & bought our anniversary present to each other a little early. We found a great covered porch swing - exactly what I wanted. After searching on the internet, I told Geoff that some of them fold down like a futon couch & turn into a "hammock," but most of these were close to $200. But Lowe's had one for 1/2 that price, and the amount we wanted to spend. PTL! So, we loaded it up & hauled it home. It took us about 1 hour to put the thing together, well, for Geoff to put it together. I was the official instructions reader & pointed to the parts he needed. :) We decided to have dinner out on our coupon, and then ran quite a few more errands.
Sunday: After church & dinner on Sunday afternoon, I took a nap on my new swing. :) To greet the sixth graders going on seventh graders, our youth pastor had a special welcoming time for them after the evening service. I was in charge of the 6-7 foot long banana split. It turned out splendidly well!! I wouldn't have wanted to eat it thinking of all the intermingling of saliva & ice cream from others, but they didn't think a thing of it! :)
Monday: Geoff's family is infamous for planning everything last minute. So, I wasn't surprised to get a call on Friday telling me of a Memorial Day picnic at his aunt's house. I actually thought that was pretty good notice for them. (There have been multiple times we have heard about the party the day of the party-the crazy thing is that everyone shows up! Don't these people have lives??) We had a lot of fun playing with Geoff's cousins who are 20 years younger than us. We played a game called Nuke 'Em which is played with a volleyball ball & net. Instead of bumping the ball, you catch it & if you don't you're out.

All in all a fun time. Geoff also put our air conditioners in this weekend & thank goodness for that. Our weather has been in the 80-90s with HIGH humidity, so cool dry air is very much appreciated-especially for sleeping.

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Kelli said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I am in total agreement with you about working 10 hour days for 4 days and getting Friday or Monday off! I really think we should do that. I think everyone would be happier because once they got back to work they would be rejuvinated and realize they only have to work 3 more days!
Your swing sounds lovely! It sounds like you really found a good buy! Happy Anniversary (even if it is a little bit early!)