Friday, June 23, 2006

Where has the Time Gone?

I thought I had just posted on here, but then I saw that my last one was from last week. I don't have traveling to blame it on, just busyness. Work has picked up this week, which makes the time fly. I usually can get everything done by noon, and then just hang out & wait for other things to happen. My job as a receptionist isn't exactly exciting, but it pays the bills. :)

With Geoff working his side job & get-together with friends, we haven't been home much this week. Next weeks is VBS at our church, so that makes another full & tiring week. Remember NBT (Neighborhood Bible Time) coming to NBBC and making us do the Booster Cheer? Well, hopefully I won't be doing the cheer because I'll be working with the teens, but Geoff will have to. Our church has a large Rainbow Dept. (mentally & physically handicapped people of all ages-about 60 of them). He teaches a Sunday School class for the advanced men (about 5th-7th grade level). The Rainbow classes usually sit in on VBS with the children, so he'll get to teach the cheer to his guys. They usually remember the strangest things, so I wouldn't be surprised if his class will want to do it every Sunday morning. :)

And the following week we'll be headed off to CO! I'm starting to get excited for that. It'll be great to spend a week with my family. Geoff hasn't seen them since Jan. '05, so it will be nice to be all together again.

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Karen said...

You HAVE been busy! It will be so great to see your family again--have a wonderful time!