Monday, June 26, 2006

Works of God Monday

This past weekend was a nice one for us. We attempted to celebrate our upcoming anniversary by going to the new Texas Roadhouse, but because there was a 1 1/2 hour wait we decided to put those plans aside, and celebrate at another time. So, we grabbed a bite to eat at a little taco joint and hopped in the car ready to go home. Geoff always opens my car door, so as I was sitting there waiting for him to get in, I thought, "we should stop by Best Buy & check out their computers." As soon as Geoff gets in the car he says, "let's stop by Best Buy & look at their computers." Freaky - I guess this is supposed to start happening after a couple years of marriage.
Our computer spassed out in the middle of this last semester, but someone gave us a laptop, so Geoff hobbled through to the end.
We head to the computer section, & see one that we have been interested in, but it's being discontinued. The only one left is the display model which is way under the budget we had decided beforehand. So after we take a turn around the store to talk about it, we decided to get it. As we wait for someone to help us, I decide to go down an aisle we had missed earlier. There's another computer that's a little nicer, but there's no price marked. I look around, and think that this might be another display model for sale. It is, & it's cheaper! Who would've thought that we could get a better one cheaper? Yeah!
We know the Lord didn't want us to have steak on Saturday, because he had a computer waiting just for us. (By the time we left the store, we would have probably just been seated at our restaraunt, if we had stayed.) PTL!
Edit: I just found a coupon online for another 15% off! I'll need to take it in with our receipt, but I think they'll allow us to use it & we'll get some money back. I'm praying that it will work.


nate, christina, and connor said...

wow! that's awesome, pammy!! ptl! we are running on fumes with our computer too. :) it's got to get us through the first few months of nathan's new job (still praying for his tests) but then we're saving up our pennies for a mac!

Karen said...

I always loved to hear the works of God testimonies at NBBC, and I still do! Praise God!

pamela s said...

we haven't jumped on the apple train yet. we're kinda looking at mp3 players, so maybe that'll be our chance. :)
hope you'll be able to get yours soon.

Liz said...

Very cool!

Kelli said...

Praise the Lord, Pam! And Happy Anniversary. The Lord provides for us in amazing ways. Thanks for sharing that; it was very encouraging!