Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A heat wave just passed through. Three days of high humidity & temperatures either really close to or over 100*! Last night after dinner, as I was beating Geoff in a rousing game of checkers in our nicely air conditioned living room, our lights went out. This has happened before, but only for about 5-10 minutes. Every other time by the time I have lit candles, the power comes back on, so I put off lighting the candles for about 20 minutes. As I light them, I say, "Now the power will come back," but it didn't. Then we watched the crazy & wild thunder & lightning storm pass over us. The green sky was very eerie looking. What was more eerie was our neighbor sitting in a metal folding chair in the middle of the shared yard of our complex oohing & aaahing the lightning! I think Geoff wanted to join him, but I pulled him in the house & said that's what windows are for! Our little townhouse can heat up pretty quickly, so by 9:45 or so, we decided to pump up our air mattress & sleep in the living room which is about 10 degrees cooler than the bedroom. We turned on a light so that it would shine in our eyes when the power got back on, so we would know that we could crank up the air conditioner. At 6am, no power. We called the power company and over half a million people in our area are without power. We might get ours back tonight, but other people will have to wait until the weekend. I wonder if we'll be practicing more camping procedures this week! (Thank goodness our water is not affected! If we didn't have a potty, that would be an entirely different story!)


Heather said...

WOW!! I hope your electric comes on soon!!

nate, christina, and connor said...

ugh! pam, i feel for you. do you remember that black out that hit the eastern portion of the u.s.? it was maybe 3 years ago now, we were out of power for three days. we camped out too! but we were in the basement. we had a little battery powered radio, and all of our "campy" stuff. it was kind of fun since, during the day our houses got so hot all the neighbors came out and sat around talking. i'm so glad i wasn't pregnant then! :) and yes, being without a potty would NOT be cool!

pamela s said...

I felt so bad for all you guys out there when that happened. I can't imagine what it was like for the people in condos in those tall buildings in NY City! A report said there was no baby boom due to the outage. :)

Anne said...

I'm kinda curious as to what section of PA you live in (you don't need to give specifics; generalities are ok)... we've had lots of t-storms recently, and last Wed. night the pine tree in our front yard came tumbling down
:{ and last night our power went out again. It sure has been the summer for storms!