Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home :)

As I walked up my sidewalk yesterday afternoon, I heard the lovely sound of the air conditioner humming away. Geoff said it came on at around 5:05 pm. Yeah!!! Then 20 minutes later while we were figuring out what to make for dinner - - darkness. So, we went out for a bite to eat at a local dinner thanks to (for the frugally minded, we spent $21.00 total for 2 dinner entrees with salad bar & a yummy dessert (includes the cost of the gift cert.)! Not too bad).
I have to tell you about our dessert - it was soooo delicious. We had a cinnamon roll sundae. They brought out a huge cinnamon bun that was cut in half & very warm. In between the 2 halves was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Around the cinnamon bun was a couple squirts of real whpped cream. All this had caramel sauce drizzled over it. Let me tell you, that dessert melted in my mouth & I'm sure went straight to the hips! This would be an easy dessert if you had friends over. It was different, but definitely delish!
From there we headed out to church to be with the Youth Group. When we got home around 9:00 pm, our electricity was on!! Yeah!!
It's kinda sad, but you don't realize what you take for granted until it's taken away. My gratefulness for hot water & electricity has increased!


Heather said...

So glad it is back on and that you have hot water once again!

Kelli said...

I am so glad that your electricity came back on! It does make you appreciate it so much more.
I found something kind of like but it is for us up here in the UP. It is actually from the local country station; they sell all the leftover gift certificates to anything from tans to haircuts to Wal-mart to camping. So many neat things! I have found some great deals.

Jen said...

I took your advice about and bought my sister an anniversary gift certificate to - thanks!

Samantha said...

We have had thousands of power outages here in Michigan as well. We didn't lose ours this time, but it has happened to us in the past. It definately makes us realize how good we have it!

Joshua & Shannon Smith said...

Hi Pam. This is Shannon (McMillen) Smith. I found your blog online. Just thought I'd say hi.