Thursday, August 10, 2006

"What If?" Survey

There are so many "what ifs" in life, but some of them are fun to answer. What would you do?

1. What if you won 20 million dollars? How would you spend it? Would you quit working? I would pay off our car, buy a house, & put away the majority of it for retirement - we all know that it would only be 1/3 of 20 million because of taxes! I would continue to work & so would my hubby. We would be bored stiff staying at home doing not much of anything!

2. What if you were President of the U.S.? What would you do or change? If I was the President, I don't know if I would change too much. Just balance the budget, do some major tax reformation, a little health insurance tweaking here & there, help fight terrorism, change the abortion laws, emphasize captial punishment - like I said, not too much. :) Think they would vote for another woman president after me?

3. What if you could meet any one? Who would it be and why? Jesus - that would be amazing! I'm so glad I know I will be able to in my future.

4. What if you could live anywhere in the world? Where would it be and why? In Yellowstone National Park - I just love the beauty of that area. The rest of Wyoming is pretty boring until you get there, but I'll need to have some civilization within a 20 mile radius. I love the mountains, but I also love having a Wal-mart & grocery store nearby!

5. What if you could be any one for a day? Who would it be and why? What would you want to accomplish? A teacher. I miss teaching so much even though I only taught 3rd grade one year. It was so much fun & enjoyable although there were good & bad days. I would love to just be able to teach through the subjects one more time & see the lightbulb effect that I never grew tired of. I can't wait to experience that with my children someday.


Rachel said...


May I link to your blog from mine?

I guess you can post your answer either here or over on my blog!


Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

Pam, What made you stop teaching after one year? It sounds like you really enjoyed it.

pamela s said...

Geoff & I got engaged right after NBBC graduation in 2002. He wanted to get in a year of seminary in PA & I had already signed a contract to teach in CO. So, after our wedding I moved to PA (after a long distance engagement, a long distance marriage didn't appeal to me :). Although there are numerous Christian schools here, none of them were hiring (especially knowing that I would leave after a couple years), and we didn't have enough $$ to pay for the teaching certificate to teach in public schools, so I just got an office job. It's a blessing in disguise though. Since we've moved here, I've had a couple interviews with different schools, but none of them pay enough for us to live & go to school full-time. Since Geoff begain seminary in 2002, tuituion has gone up $75/credit!
It was a huge adjustment for me & a hard lesson on contentment, but I know God's will is perfect. :)